It's the beginning of the season

In my mind today officially started the most wonderful season of the year. That's right, speculating about trades season.

Darren Dreger Had the following tweet this morning:

CBJ will be looking for a D-man and may move a winger if the right fit can be found.

As apparently the Blue Jackets want a replacement for Rostislav Klesla, who went down last night with a *gulp* torn groin.

If there's anything I like doing here at Jibblescribbits more than making fun of that yellow-bellied charlatan Dion Phaneuf, it's playing virtual GM and trying to improve the Avs.

One nice thing about the Avs is: With the emergence of Cumiskey and Wilson as solid NHL players (and Ruslan Salei coming back from injury maybe any day now. Possibly, maybe.) The Avs have at least 8 capable NHL defensemen. If injuries hit hard and push came to shove the Avs could always call up Derek Peltier, whom I thought played ok in limited shifts last season.

Oh, and the Avs needed a winger BEFORE David Jones went down with a season-ending injury. Now they desperately need a winger. So I think a trade between the two clubs makes a lot of sense.

I see the Avs D-man trade bait thus far as Clark, Foote and Salei as all three have expiring contracts at the end of the season. (Liles is also a possibility). Salei's trade value is low since he hasn't played this season, and I'm guessing that Columbus is in no hurry to get their former captain, Adam Foote, back (and Foote's not in any hurry to go back to Columbus for that matter. That leaves Brett Clark (Whom I've hammered before, but his last 10 games or so he's been decent).

The most likely return for Clark would be either Fredrick Modin (LW) or Raffi Torres (also LW). Modin hasn't played this season and should be returning from a sprained MCL any day now (according to his Yahoo page). Both Torres and Modin are UFAs at years end.

Honestly, If I were Sherman, I'd start trying to talk about a Clark for Torres swap. And I'd probably settle on Clark + 4th rounder for Torres. It helps both teams, and seems pretty fair (IMO). Not sure what CBS fans would think of the deal, but this would be a rental that helps both teams this season, with no repercussions for future salary.

It seems like win-win to me.

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  1. I tore my groin playing baseball in High's as pleasant as it sounds (AKA, not pleasant at ALL)

    - chiavsfan