Why the Flames received their Flu shots.

Here in the US, the H1N1 vaccine is designated for people most susceptible to the disease. This includes:
-- pregnant women, children, young adults and people with chronic lung disease, heart disease or diabetes -- should be among the first to get vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus, health officials have said.
According to CNN.com

But Calgary is not in the United States, and because their socialist medicinal system is clearly content letting those that the US protects die, they went ahead and placed the Calgary Flames at the top of the list for receiving the H1N1 virus vaccination.

In a Jibblescribbits exclusive* I have obtained the list that the Alberta Health Council used to determine that the Calgary Flames were in more need of the vaccine than those pampered babied Prego's, Brats, Bigger Brats, and Seniles.

-- Dion Phaneuf had enough "Clinic Points" from the "Health Clinic Frequent Patient Reward Program" to get the entire team in

-- Health officials were worried about a Canadian National Monument, Jarome Iginla: Canada's Black Friend

-- Alberta will do anything for Kevin Sorbo's Nerdy Little Brother, Jay Bouwmeester.

-- Olli Jokinen threatened health clinic staff yelling "Does Olli need to choke a bitch? I will cut you mother fuckers, just like I did to that pussy Zhednik!"

-- If Mikka Kipursoff doesn't get his 75+ starts to get 40 wins, people might start noticing he's become a below average goaltender.

-- Dion Phaneuf is extremely susceptible, since his immune system is likely to backpedal from a fight.

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