Jibblescribbits: 11/30

For those who don't know, "Jibblescribbits" was a word that my friends little bro made up that translates to "Random nonsense." Every once in a while I do these posts where I just wonder, or give one line thoughts on the season, whether it's Avs, NHL, Hockey, or other BS. This is one such post

• How in the world is the Ken Hitchcock - coached Blue Jackets 2nd to last in GA in the NHL?

• Want to know how ignored the Blue Jackets are in NHL circles, A team that's abbreviated "BJs" has a coach named "Hitchcock" and I haven't seen one good juvenile joke about this at all this season.

I'm going to just assume Columbus blogger's have this covered, mainly because most bloggers can't resist playing with their own Hitchcock

• The Avalanche play the Lightning tonight. No one does trophies like the NHL, so I think every year they should have the Natural Disaster Cup, which goes to the team with the best Points percentage against other teams named after natural disasters: Flames, Avs, Lightning and Hurricanes.

• The best part would be the annual debate about whether "New Jersey" was enough of a natural disaster to let them in the tourney.

• Ian Laperriere took a slapshot to the face, needed 50+ stitches, lost 7 teeth, and returned to the game. I'm pretty much convinced that he was actually sent from the future, and is biding his time until he kills Jon Connor.

• Why does Buffalo feel the need to put an actual Buffalo in every sports logo they have, even though none of the teams from there, save the actual Buffalo Bisons, are named for Buffalo? Los Angeles has resisted the urge to Halo everything, and St. Louis doesn't throw in gold Fleur-de-Lis. C'mon Buffalo, at least act like a real city.

• I find it very hard to make fun of the City of Detroit these days. On one hand, you don't want to make light of the struggles that people in that city are going through, because it's truly heartbreaking. On the other hand, Detroit was a hell-hole long before the economy amplified it's deterioration. There was a reason "Robo-Cop", "the Virgin Suicides" and "The Crow" were set in Detroit.

• Everyone rags on the NHL's "Wheel of Justice", but honestly I bet the NHL is pretty proud of it. Mainly because they probably spent a lot of money just to re-invent it.

• Going back to an earlier idea, the Wild and Duck series every year could be called "The Inexplicably Stupid Moniker Cup". The appropriate trophy given to the winning team the dumbest looking trophy in sports:
• Most people know this, but the Avs were nearly named the Rockey Mountain Extreme. Seriously. They would have had a strangle hold on the above cup.

• At this point I'm beginning to think that the Avs cut Salei and just forgot to tell him, so they just moved him into an office in the basement. You laugh now, but when the Pepsi Center burns down and he's outside holding a red stapler I'm going to look downright prophetic.

• You've heard players called a turnover machine, but I just don't think that description does justice to Tom Preissing's special abilities. He's like the Henry Ford on the forefront of the Turnover Industrial Revolution. My question is, what's the proper descriptor for his special Turnover superpower: So far I'm leaning towards "Turnover Factory", but there's got to be a better descriptor. "Turnover Assembly Line" maybe.

• The injury update on David Jones on Yahoo:
Injury note Day-to-Day as of Nov 29, 2009 (Torn left ACL)

• The Jibble-pops cracks me up. Even though he knows the names of everyone on the Avs, he still pronounces Galiardi "Galardi" (or something like that) and Cumiskey "Kamensky". I'm selfishly hoping the Avs someday sign Niklas Hjalmarsson, Dustin Byfuglien, and Alexei Ponikarovsky just for high comedy's sake. It's weird though, because he doesn't struggle with some names that you think he would. He's never had a problem with "Wolski", "Ozolinch" or even "Kamensky".

• Wojtek Wolski is exhibit A on why benching a pro player is a double edged sword. On the one hand, Wolski played better, and more consistently after the benching. On the other hand fans are now ├╝ber-sensitive it, and see ghosts where there are none sometimes. I wonder how much less scrutiny he'd receive these days if he was benched with a "lower body injury".

• Bigger drop in stock in 2009: Blockbuster Video, Circuit City or TJ Hensick?


  1. Hmmm, the Model "T"urnover, perhaps?

  2. Just Model T

    At MHH at least we love odd, slightly cryptic but funny monikers.

    also, excellent post. I loled!