Advertising ABCs: Avalanche Brass Clueless

Yesterday, as part of my examination on the Avs attendance, I railed on KSE for the fact they just don't get it when it comes to advertising and promoting their team. Then they go and offer proof via Via Terri Frei's Denver Post Article:

"My initial reaction is surprise, that after this unbelievable start, we've been unable to get our attendance up to where I think it should be," said Paul Andrews, Kroenke Sports executive vice president.

"Normally, I'd think it's because of the economy and ticket prices being what they are. But in our case, because we have so many low-cost options now, it's a little bit confusing to me still."

I'm sure Exec VP Paul is a nice guy, and cares tremendously about hockey, but that those are the words of a truly clueless man.

You cannot make a sale with the "If you build it, they will come" philosophy. The casual Denver sports fan right now has no clue how good the Avs are, and they have no idea that there are some great ticket specials. Hell one of my good friends, who watches Avs games on TV no less, didn't know about the guys night out promotion until I asked him if he wanted to go.

So, Exec VP Paul and his minions you leave me absolutely no choice. I have to pull out all the stops, and do something I only break out in the most desperate of times. That's right, I'm unleashing the power of both caps lock AND exclamation points. Yes folks, it's sadly come to this






I'm sorry it had to come to that Avs, but I don't think the message is getting through, but this is ridiculous. When management is saying they are baffled no one is coming out because of good ticket deals, and the fans of the team, the people who actually demand your product, are saying ticket prices are too high that's a monumental failure of advertising.


  1. It's a lot like the NHL advertising on the NHL network. Hey dumbasses, try ESPN during college football, CBS & ABC during pro football.

  2. Exactly, marketing to the peopel already buying your product doesn't do a whole lot.

  3. Was there a cheap promotion for Weds night because if there was and I missed it I would just have to be so mad at myself for missing that promotion. I mean that is a great game for there not to be a promotion. Phoenix on Weds with the Nuggets and the World Series on. (Sarcasm )

  4. I didn't see one for Weds either Titus, and with one for Friday, you'd think most fans (like me) would skip the Weds night game for a Friday night game.

  5. Definitely if I had 50 bucks and thought should I go to the freak’n Coyotes stay through the game and go strait home afterwards? Or do I go to the Blackhawks on Friday night take my time hang out down town afterwards? To tell the truth even if the Avs lose tonight it is still going to be a much more fun night than on a friggin Wednesday night.

  6. The Avalanche Guild is a good place to look for deals. Because of my job I get tons of promotions. I've even been able to call the account rep and request group discout tickets for games not on special and been successful. Maybe that's something MHH needs to look into.. becoming a group and getting the discounts...

  7. I couldn't believe how clueless he sounded when quoted in that Post article, which is pretty worrisome when your own exec VP is so out of touch with one of the many reasons why this team's attendance has been just shameful.

    It doesn't help that the Avs have always had high ticket prices, especially for the lower bowl seats, even when we started to put only a mediocre product on the ice every night like these last few years.

    While they finally have been putting out some decent promotions, it seems like a case of too little too late this season. I was at the Hawks game last night, and while attendance was much, much better than Wednesday at Phoenix, I would expect us to totally sell out when we're atop the entire league in points, playing perhaps the second or third best Western Conference team in the Hawks. I'm not sure what the announced attendance was, but I know for sure there were enough empty seats, even in the lower bowl, that it had me wishing they'd just let me move down and fill those seats right up.

    I've started to notice more people throwing on their old/awkward fitting Avs merch at work ( major retailer), so that's at least encouraging, and I've heard that the organization is trying to get their matters in order, but I think this season might be a lost cause unless we keep up this incredible pace, which could well happen. Hopefully a great season will give the marketing/ticketing part of the organization a kick in the pants and get them going on some actual marketing so people know this team is here and kicking butt, and perhaps we'll see some more reasonable "premium" seat prices.

  8. This year's ad campaign is horrendous. "Home ice. Fresh sheet. Power play. Stick save. Sudden victory." Just awful. Use the players. Inject some humor. Please, for the love of Roy, do anything to get the word out about this team! And about the good deals. Someone goes to the web site all they can really tell off hand is that tickets are still an arm and a leg and now fees to to Kroenke's new venture, Tickethorse, instead of Ticketbastard.