This road trip worries me

The start of the season has been a blessing to the Avs, and to Avs fans. Two wins over two pre-season cup contenders, and the buzz that Duchene, Wolski, Anderson and, yes, Tucker have provided have gone a long ways to building excitement for the team.

First off the fact that the Avs have a 5 day layoff between games has zapped some of the excitement for the Avs. they were starting to build some serious buzz and another home game in between Saturday and today (Tuesday) would have been a good thing for this young group.

Which is why this road trip has come at the worst possible time for this team. Colorado had a dismal road record last season, which isn't surprising, but they also had a dismal road record the season before (a playoff year). A bad road trip by the Avs (one that is the longest since coming to Denver) could be catastrophic for this young team.

It could also be catastrophic for the fan support. Even though the last game wasn't very well attended, I think the Avs performance really started to get people thinking about the avs again in this city. a mediocre road trip combined with a deep Rockies playoff run, a resurgent Broncos, and a quick Nuggets start could put the Avs in 4th in the Denver sports fans mind. If that happens it will take a lot more than a couple good games to get out.

All that said there's an upside to the road trip, even if it's a bad one. The Avs will then have the advantage of being a team thought of lightly, and if you don't think that's an advantage see the Blues from last season. It will also allow the Avs youngsters to develop this season devoid of any pressure.

That said the best way for the Avs to build a buzz is to have a solid road trip and win some games. They have back to back games when they return (Carolina and Detroit) and if they have a decent record when they face Detroit the city might start buzzing about the Avs again.

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  1. I don't think last season's road record has any bearing on this season's record. It's clear to me that the Avs are not the same team now that they are lead by Sacco and Company. Sure, there will be losses but as long as they keep the energy up, they'll be fun to watch. I'm really excited about this road trip. You're right though, it's a very critical time.