So when should Boods get to play?

(I'm sure there's a sizable majority out there who are going to answer "Never" and think they're clever. Well guess what I just preemptively diffused your joke. When you have a last name that is easily changed into a cuss word you get good at doing this. Ha!)

One thing that was a little surprising to folks was that Budaj didn't get the last start against the woeful, but truculent!, Leafs on Tuesday. The tail end of a back-to-back in the middle of the longest road trip in the franchises CO history seems against a win-less team looks to be the best place to throw your backup goalie in and let the starter get some rest. Since that didn't happen, and he'll surly start against the Habs tonight (probably) and Les Ailes Saturday, the very mild second-guessing of Sacco has become.

Why didn't Budaj start Tuesday? How many games will Anderson play this season? Is he going to wear out? etc.

Personally I think it's good that Anderson is getting a lot of starts early. One of the things that this team suffered from last season, especially by the end of the season, was a lack of confidence. The best thing that could happen to them is to get off to a fast start, and good goaltending has been instrumental to the Avs good start this season. Anderson has played superbly. An excellent 7-game road trip to start the season is the kind of confidence builder that carries into the entire season, especially with a young team. Start losing early and a team as young as this might question their ability.

So I'm ok with Anderson getting the starts now, and waiting on Budaj. The Avs need to build confidence built now and Anderson obviously gives them a better chance to win than Budaj. With 16 back-to-back games in this 82 game season Budaj will clearly get a chance to play some games (and he's more likely to play in the Olympics than Anderson in Feb), and Anderson will get a chance for rest.

I think the best time to play him would be either the tail end of this road trip (Weds the 21st against Minnesota) or Against Edmonton the following week (Front end of back-to-back Tues the 27th)


  1. As a goalie myself (gee, really Holy the GOALIE??), I completely agree with letting Anderson start all these games. Obviously, fatigue is a factor in deciding who is going to start which games. However, allowing your starter to play like a starter (rather than flip flopping between goalies every third or fourth game) is imperative to him gaining the confidence necessary to steal 5-10 wins in an 82 game season, which is a necessity in the ever more competitive NHL.

    Budaj will need to get some starts, but I think they need to wait to throw him in net until Anderson has gotten a few more (hopefully) W's under his belt.

  2. I agree. Anderson spent so much time in a back up role he needs the consecutive starts to show himself he is the starter now.

  3. Anderson is playing great right now. Let him play until he says he needs a break.

  4. At first, I thought that Budaj should have had the Leafs game, but I'm changing my opinion.

    The Avs need to take these wins when they can get them.