Sacco Quotes

Despite my blogger snark in the previous post, there are some encouraging signs from the game last night. From Terry Frei in the DP:

"We had a couple of breakdowns in front of our net," Colorado coach Joe Sacco said. "It starts in front of our net. But there's a lesson to be learned. You've got to keep the pressure up when you have a 2-1 lead. You don't want to sit back. You want to keep the pressure, you want to keep the forecheck going. We sat back, and they took advantage of it."
I don't know why, but I really like the approach that Joe Sacco seems to be taking this season. He's got a young team, and instead of dwelling on a loss like this it's a teaching situation. I'm sure some players are going to fell like he's being harsh when he rips them privately for some god awful turnovers, but so far, I haven't seen any major coaching blunders that were too common last season.

Most big blunders I've seen have been defenders throwing the puck right up the center of the ice to a waiting opponent, which leads to a scoring chance. You can only tell a guy not to do that so many times.

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  1. Well said. What pains me is that online fans already think the season's already over only because of this one loss.