StructuralPoke's "How I became an Avs fan"

Editor's note: 2 playoffs ago the occasional commenter, StructuralPoke won the 1st Jibblescribbits Playoff pool. As a reward, he was given a free post, which he finally took advantage of. This is his post...

So I finally got to meet Jibble at the Mile High Preunion just before the opening game of the season. He punched me in the face and asked why I haven’t written the post for his site that I won from his playoff pool. After I picked myself up off the floor and stopped crying, I decided it was time to go ahead and do this.

What is there to write about? I could write how I became a hockey fan, but since I started off a Detroit fan all anyone would comment would be “burn the witch.” I could just make fun of Mike @ MHH, but I’ve only got one post and he’s supposedly a “contributing” writer over there and therefore would have much more opportunity to get back at me. I could just post the gif of Phadouche getting tripped, but that would be too short of a post. Eh – what the hell, that’s a great gif, so here it is anyway.

So, let me make a decision. Uh … I started off my fandom as a Detroit fan. (BURN THE WITCH! I figured this needed to be explained somewhere…)

My family is from Michigan and when I was first choosing a team to root for, I went for something that seemed like it might have some bearing on my family. All that ignores the fact that my mom and dad didn’t really ever follow the NHL and I hardly could even pick out my extended Michigan family in a police lineup if I HAD to.

My older brother picked up NHL ‘94 for the super NES and we played the hell out of it. Being the video game nerd that I was, I was much better than him at it so he would be the Wings and he wouldn’t play unless he could pick my team. He kept picking out the Nordiques for me. And he did it often enough that they became the team I decided to root for. Yeah – it was a video game that did it for me.

When they moved to Colorado, they seemed much more a local team to me so I jumped on the bandwagon immediately and even had a jersey in my possession by October of the first season. The immediate success they had once they got to Denver was what sealed it for me. (Am I the only one that feels just a little bit sorry for the people in Quebec? They struggled with garbage for so long then as soon as they move…

Growing up a hockey fan in the great state of Oklahoma was somewhat easy in the early ‘90s. The Central Hockey League had just come back to life and the Blazers were putting a decent enough product (i.e. goons) on the ice. The team drew in the fans well and even had some post season success. I was one of the kid slaves volunteers that hung the banners around the arena prior to the game and ‘graduated’ to the kid that rolled the carpet out at center ice. Games were free, hockey was adequate, and life was good.

College came right in the middle of the blood feud and the roommate I got chose was actually a very casual hockey fan. I got him slightly more interested in the sport and then he decided to be a Wings fan just because I liked the Avs. Thanks…


I’ve made it up to 2 Avs games now. I came to my first game back in the spring of 05-06. The Avs were perched solidly on the playoff bubble and playing very erratic hockey. I came up and they beat Calgary and started their great streak of wins before just falling short. The other game was the first game of the season this year. They won. They shutout Vancouver in game 2 going 2-0 on the season so far! Apparently I’m good luck so everyone needs to start a charity drive to get me back to another game. Dontations are accepted. Or hey – go to my advertising-supported site and visit some sponsors. Yes that’s a shameless plug. Jibble said I could do whatever with this post – blame it on him. And yes, I know my site is pretty paltry content-wise and looks-wise. I always have good intentions when I think about it, but never do anything with it. I actually have a new post up about my and Mike @ MHH's trip.

Thanks Beachie

So there you go Mr. Jibble. There’s a (disjointed) post for your site. Now that you know who I am, I thought you should get to know me a little. And please don’t beat me anymore and keep the pimp hand strong.


  1. I feel famous now. My very own post on Jibblescribbits. Sorry it took so long to actually post something. There were good intentions then I just forgot....

    - Structural

  2. no worries, it just means I get to make fun of you now.

  3. I can't decide who sucks more: Chris for writing the drivel or Jibbles for not making any apologies for it.

    Ehh, you both suck equally! :)

  4. Well Mike, at least you still believe in Peter Budaj. And at least I actually had a post!