Dear Excluding Zetterberg,

Dear EZ/IwoC3P0/Bill/Chief

I just want to take a minute to say thank you. Thank you for you and your loyal/mentally inept 19's constant inept banter. Because of you guys, I was able to completely anticipate every brain-dead Les Ailes taunt at the Pepsi center tonight, which means I was able to prepare and come up with taunts that left Les Ailes fans befuddled, ... just like Les Ailes Powerplay. And not just a couple Les Ailes fan. Three entire rows of the section next to me were infected with STD red, and yet this lone humble blogger was able to taunt into submission to the point that the Frenchman from Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail congratulated me on my effectiveness.

I'm not being disingenuous, because of the collective Les Ailes cult group think I knew exactly which taunts would strike a cord with The Les Ailes fans that shedded salty tears of unfathomable sadness thought they would infest the Pepsi Center tonight. Even more to the point I knew what Les Ailes fans would respond with, and I had a retalittory taunt ready. Since Les Ailes Fans are playing checkers, and I'm playing Chess, that pretty much ended the massacre.

You may think I'm being insincere, but after taunting a group of a bakers dozen Red Wings fans into silence tonight, by myself I might add, the Jibblewife pleaded with me to stop. Let me repeat that: Your ilk were being heckled so badly that my wife had to call the dogs, excuse me lone dog, off. I was like a Michael Vick pit bull in a room full of kittens. At first I thought it was because she was being passive, but later she said "What else were they going to say? You won. They were stumbling". That's right Les Ailes fans, a dozen fans were out taunted by 1 Avs fan tonight, to the point that My wife begged me to stop because she was showing mercy. So congrats Les Ailes fan the only reason you weren't more embarrassed tonight was because My wife has mercy. You must be proud

And to be honest, I probably wouldn't have scored the KO nearly as quickly without your support, or the support of TJ Galiardi, Chris Stewart, Paul Stastny and, of course, Craig Anderson. But your feeble taunts, which Les Ailes fans repeated like retarded children, allowed me to respond with comebacks that left them grasping for air like snitches with cement shoes.

So I thank you EZ. You are obviously the most creative Les Ailes fans in the world, and that "creativity" allowed me to be fully prepared for the utterly predictable insults headed my way tonight. Kind of like how the 1st place Avs were prepared for the 11th 12th place Les Ailes.



  1. "10 cups punk!"
    "original six!"
    "Via osmosis I am very knowledgable about hockey because of our long and storied history (original six!). Therefore, on my mountain of superiority I scoff at your non-knowledgable fanbase. Well, no. Now that you mention it I don't know who the assistant coach is or who plays the point on the second powerplay unit.. LIDSTROM! 10 CUPS!"

    Yeah, I think I've heard all the limited smack.

  2. You forgot "Well how'd you do last season?" which is the current one.

  3. My favorite stat is that the Avs are 6-1 against the Wings over last season and this season so far. When Osgood said that the rivalry was over, it must have been because he was tired of getting his ass handed to him by the "lowly Avs" over the last year and a half.

  4. You went through all of that gloating without actually giving some examples? C'mon Jibbles I want some rivalry based shit talking tips.