Most offensive Hockey Logo Ever?

I was just dickin around on the glorious interwebs when I came across what might be the most racist team logo in sports history, if there wasn't a team named the "Redskins".

The Denver Invaders played in the Western Hockey league in 1963-1964 under the logo below.
Holy Crap. This immediately goes into the Racially offensive sports team name hall of fame. There was also a Colorado team with this offensive logo when Denver had a minor league affiliate with the (gulp) Flames from 82-84.

Is it hockey season yet?


  1. The flames may be douchey now, but back in the day, the Colorado flames (who could never be douchey based on the "colorado" part of their name) had a guy and his wife who coached my team (mites? squirts? something like that, it was a long time ago). So I don't find that offensive. The first one though? Wow, how the times have changed from when that was acceptable.
    -The Red

  2. VERY Funny!
    Yes, with a team called the "Red Skins" still tolerated, no Native American group should assail a logo such as this or The Cleveland Indians silly logo until that one is removed first.
    Of course we wouldn't raise a stink if a team called themselves the Fighting Sicilians and had a logo with a dark haired gent holding a hand gun or something like that. ; )