Lucky Number 9

So today is 9-9-09 (actually this is being published late on the 8th... whatever), and so I'm proclaiming this a special day for the Avs. Yesterday I wrote about the upcoming season and the optimism associated with it, well I don't think Avs fans, myself included, can get any more excited or optimistic about Matt Duchene.

Coincidentally, the kid,( nicknamed The Boy Wonder for those of you who haven't gotten the memo) was drafted ion... '09. Also his favorite number, and the one he'll be wearing with the Avs: you got it '09.

So 9 is clearly the Avs lucky number, and this season will be brought to you by the number nine.

I realize it's possible that Mr. Duchene might not make the team, but in reality there's a 99.9% chance he will make it (see that, more 9's)

So what should we do for a special occasion such as this... Well this looks like the best time to unveil some new Avatars and buttons that celebrate The Boy Wonder and play off the Robin logo. Sure my button campaign didn't work out so well last year, well at least not for the subject, but it was fun and cool so let's do it all over again. So here we go:

Button #1:
Full Size:

Avatar Size:

Or get them in reversed colors:

Button #2:
Full Size:

Avatar Size:

Not hip with a letter, then go ahead and get yourself the number 9 (with a white background!):

Button #3:
Full Size 9:

Avatar size:

And finally, reversing the colors on #9:

Button #4:
Full Size:

Avatar Size:

Go ahead and plaster them everywhere.

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