It could be a long winter...

Every season there's a "sleeper team" that comes from nowhere, and every year analysts try to show everyone how smart they are by picking that team to do some damage in the playoffs. But no one ever tries to pick the bandwagon team that falls off the cliff into awfulness. Last season that team was the Colorado Avalanche.

See if this sounds familiar:

"Team A" had a mediocre team and a coach that had started to wear on some of his players the previous season. So "Team A" replaced a respected, if overrated, veteran coach with a young coach who is now promising a more "up-tempo" offense.

Does any of this sound familiar. Most people think I'm probably talking about the '08-09 Avs, and Tony Granato, and you'd be right... partially.

This is also the description that could be levied on the Minnesota Wild and their new coach Todd Richards. The extremly level-headed and rational Roy at Wild Puck Banter is already calling for his head.

So my pick for "Team that inexplicably falls off a cliff" goes to Minnesota, based solely on Roy's analysis.

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