Even IF Phaneuf wasn't jumping...

The bastard led with his elbow:

Next frame:

Yeah so even if someone disagrees with my contention that he was in the process of jumping (which he most certainly was), he clearly is leading hit jump hit with his elbow out.

And the NHL sees nothing wrong with this?


  1. I would have posted this in the other posting, but I can't seem to get access to the comments section.

    First of all, I can't see how anyone is saying he didn't leave his feet. Phaneuf ends up in the air, which is operating against the pull of gravity. Unless he invented some sort of mobile anti-gravity device, there isn't any way a 200 pound man can go up in the air without applying some sort of upwards force. Since the other guy was ONLY going forward, the only way that Phaneuf could have gone up is if one of them was applying an upwards force with his legs. Again, the victim was only skating forwards, so it had to be Phaneuf.

    Additionally, you'll notice that Phaneuf actually travels BACKWARDS after making contact with the Other Guy (my apologies, I can't remember his name). That means that Phaneuf's lateral force (that is, the force he directed in a horizontal direction, towards OG) is less than the force OG applied towards Phaneuf (which he did by virtue of skating forwards). Simply put, OG hit Phaneuf harder than Phaneuf hit OG (in a purely lateral sense). That means that Phaneuf intentionally directed almost all of the force that he applied in his check in a vertical manner; again, illegal according to the rule book.

    As for the elbow, I'm less sure. Yes, he definitly puts it up before impact. However, judging from the way that it folds into his body immediately following the impact, it would seem that he wasn't holding it in a solid manner; that is to say, it doesn't necessarily look like he was directing at OG's head. It would seem that he as potentially putting his arm to to either maintain his balance during the check, or was attempting to use it to generate more upward momentum for the hit.

    Finally, when the other team's enforcer JUMPED OVER THE BOARDS to challenge Phaneuf to a fight (earning himself a hefty fine and a suspension, no doubt), Phaneuf backed away, and didn't engage him to fight until the refs were right there, then KEPT HIS GLOVES ON, and pushes the enforcer down.

    Purely bush league.

  2. 1) 'Holy" ;The other team's Enforcer' was a 5'10" journeymen forward who in theory DP should have been able to handle quite easily, but backed away from anyway.
    2) The Isles have no enforcer. Perhpas this incident will wake up Snow. Meanwhile the Eastern Conference is learning what you guys have known for a few years; Dion Phaneuf is a dick.

  3. Holy crap...errr Holy. That was long enough to be it's own post.

    And yeah, Phaneuf has no honor.