Avalanche Roundtable Day 4 (part 2)

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Jibble thinks he's so funny, mocking me for not doing anything around here. Ha, what now!? Without further ado, the 2nd part of today's roundtable.

Given the way the things were said in the off-season, is Joe Sacco just a place holder for Patrick Roy, or is he the long term guy?
I think the mistake which everyone may be making is automatically assuming that an organization that has historically been opaque in their decision making would all of a sudden become so transparent as to let everyone know that Sacco is just keeping the bench warm for Roy. Should Roy have a shot at coaching at the NHL level? Certainly. Would it be fair to Sacco to have the specter of Roy breathing down his neck every time a mistake is made? No. The best part about this rebuild is that the sky is the limit and the team will be allowed to endure mistakes and growing pains. Let Sacco have his shot at bringing up the squad and go from there.
- Aaron @ The Dog and Pony show
Sacco isn’t a long term guy – but, outside of Ruff (BUF) and Trotz (NSH), no other head coach in the NHL is either. Last year, 3 of the 4 teams in the Conference Finals changed head coaching jobs during the regular season.

Coaching in the NHL is very overrated. Yes, coaches draw up some schemes, and work to get the best matchups for their team, and jumble up the lines when team is struggling offensively, but the main responsibility of the head coach is to simply get the team to work hard – which is easier said than done. (The GM's job is far more important – they bring in talent, which is ultimately what wins championships.)

If Roy wants to coach the Avs at some point, he was very smart to wait to take the job. In 2 or 3 years, I expect Colorado to be an exciting / talented / young team that’s ready to go to the next level and could use a new messenger. Roy (or someone else on the NHL coaching carousel) can swoop in provide that jolt.
- Sean @ Anyone But Detroit (love the name, dude!)
I think that's pretty clear at this point. Sacco isn't a storied coach, nor was he a storied player; right now, his resume reads two 14th place finishes as AHL coach. If the Avalanche out do expectations and finish, let's say, 9th or higher in the conference, then I think management won't be quick to get rid of him. But if the team finishes in the expected 12-15 range, Joe Sacco's tenure as coach will last only as long as the rest of Patrick Roy's tenure as coach of Quebec.
- Magnum @ Disgruntled Avalanche Blogger
Is Sacco a placeholder for Roy? I would hope that it all depends on how well Sacco does and that Lacroix hasn't already started looking past the new coach. Judging by how this team is run, however, this is an entirely plausible scenario. I wouldn't be disappointed if Roy was brought in as head coach, but I wouldn't like to see it at the expense of a successful one.
- Grant @ Hockeyism
Honestly...I'm not quite sure why Patrick Roy would want to coach here anytime soon. The only upside to that would be the potential of being one of the main guys that led the team out of rebuilding and back to glory. It's obviously going to be a while before that happens. And if the organization thinks that fans are going to buy season tickets because Patrick Roy is the coach they are definitely fooling themselves. Going directly into the situation here would have been pretty tough for such a proud guy. ***See Gretzky in Phoenix for reference. Bottom line, I really hope Joe Sacco does well here, and I don't think we'll see Roy as the Avs' coach anytime in the near future.
- Jay Vean @ Avs Hockey Podcast
I'm not sure he's the long-term guy, but I don't think he's a placeholder for Roy. Roy wanted a lot of money, and Kroenke's been tightening his belt recently. Also I am under the impression that the latest Roy courtship left some wounds in the relationship between him and Lacroix which will probably take some time to heal. I still think Roy will one day coach this team, but I think Sacco's going to get a fair chance to be the coach.
- Jibble

Stay tuned at Mile High Hockey for tomorrow's questions!

- thedoctor


  1. I have to say that it's a silly question. Every coach is just a place-holder for the next coach. How long it will be before the next coach takes over depends on how well the current coach does. However, even if he does really well, he'll eventually be replaced.

  2. but is he a placeholder for Roy specifically?

  3. Yeah but my point i,s if Sacco does well, Roy will have to wait his turn and the timing may not work out. I don't really see how the situation for Sacco is any different than any coach in the NHL. If their team doesn't do well, they should plan on packing their bags.

  4. I kind of agree with you. I think Sacco will get a fair shot.

  5. Yo Jibble! You threw up my post as being from Aaron @ Hockeybuzz

    :) Aaron at the Dog and Pony Show

  6. Actually Doc did that... there was a mixup and 2 Aarons...

  7. yeah, sorry Aaron. Too many Aarons! If it makes you feel better, the same thing happened to me the other day with the other Matt in the roundtable...only I didn't whine about it LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. ;)

  8. I'd never have that problem, even if my name was Daario.