Avalanche Blogger Roundtable - Day 4 (part 1)

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Todays 1st Question:
Who will be the next player to be shipped out? Where would you like to see him go? What kind of deal should the team get in return?

I think Clark is the next guy gone, unless this team is playoff contention mode at the deadline. He's the kind of defender that teams typically look for come Feb./March and he could net something in return. He's got a decent history of being offensive-minded enough, he blocks shots, and he a veteran, all pluses in his column for a playoff team.
- Mike @ Mile High Hockey

It should be obvious at this point that one of the defenseman should/will be out of here pretty soon.

In a perfect world, Brett Clark and his 3.5 million would be out the door. Sadly, I don't think the Avs are smart enough anymore to convince other teams to take out their garbage. The 90s? Yes. 2009? No way.

Scott Hannan's contract is too large, John-Michael Liles sells tickets (at least for the ladies), Adam Foote is too old, Tom Preissing sucks, and Kyle Quincey was brought in to be the new whipping boy.

That leaves a few guys, but mainly Ruslan Salei, Salei won our hearts when he first arrived, but he proved last season that he's probably a 4th or 5th guy at best. I'd rather see Cumiskey move up and Salei out of town.

As for where I want to see him go -- anywhere but Calgary. Chris Drury and Alex Tanguay both donned the "flaming C" and it's not an image I like on former Avs - or Dion Phadouche.
- Geo @ Avslova Factor

If we're talking about who will be the next to go, I would say it's fairly obvious: Ruslan Salei. He's a perfect veteran addition for a team going on a playoff run/push. He'll probably get 2nd or so in return. You'll probably see some interest in Tucker for teams wanting to add a 3rd line pest with perhaps a 3rd or 4th in return, and Clark might even catch some interest for the same price. You'll hear a lot about Foote and Hejduk being available, but I'd be pretty surprised to see them go. It's just not the Avs' way with "their guys."

If we're talking about who I'd like to see go, I would absolutely love to see Svatos gone. He's not a terrible player, he's just not what we need in the slightest. We need scorers and playmakers, not tiny, one-dimensional, injury-prone, defense-challenged rebound cleaners. I'd love to see us move him to Pittsburgh for a 2nd or 3rd.
-thedoctor who kind of, sort of still writes here. Maybe. When he feels like it.

I think the GM on the other side of the table would have to categorically insane on multiple levels to give anything higher than a 5th or 6th Rounder for Tucker. Similarly, I doubt that the Avs would net anything above a 5th for Svatos either, especially at the trade deadline. Who's going to see Svats as the missing piece to any playoff puzzle?
-Mike @MHH

I don't think Clark or Tucker have any trade value unless one gets on a hot streak at some point.

I believe the Avs have been trying to find a deal for Hannan all summer and that they will continue to work on that throughout the season. I think there's a reasonable chance that he's moved this year, perhaps in a trade where they take some salary back.

If the Avalanche fall out of the race early (and, let's be honest, that's a real possibility), I think you will start to hear rumors involving Adam Foote and, yes, Milan Hejduk. They should be our most marketable deadline "rental" players. Both have no-trade contracts, but I think either one would waive their NTC for the right situation.
- David Driscoll-Carignan @ MHH

Teams routinely overpay for both types of players at the deadline: scorers and veteran "gritty" types. Svatos could really provide a boost to a team with strength down the middle and little wing scoring, like Pittsburgh. Tucker is exactly the kind of douche a team like the SJ will randomly decide they need to combat the other, real gladiators out there in the playoffs.

BTW, there's a thread on HF right now with non-avs fans saying Svats would get a 2nd. http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=681358

I think every player has some trade value. Clark could be a decent veteran presence on a team hit by injuries.

On the topic of Sacco, he has no shot at staying unless they win, obviously. Unfortunately, he's been thrown into a complete rebuild and if two years go by and the Avalanche are finishing at the bottom of the conference, it's going to be awfully tough not to give Roy another look. (If he's available.)
Geo @ Avslova

Not too big into predictions like this, but if I was to choose one person that will be shipped (who we'd like shipped is a different topic) it would be Scott Hannan. He's one of those guys that just doesn't do much for me. You don't notice him much as a fan, which I guess is a good thing in a way, but at $4.5 million a year I find it tough to watch him game in and game out and just not do much. Other players in that same boat for me: T.J. Hensick, the already departed Tyler Arnason, and the constant given, Darcy Tucker. Not sure which sucker organization would pick up Hannan's contract either. As far as what the team gets in return, just someone who has a little more impact every night. Those players are pretty easy to acquire, right?
- Jay Vean @ Avs Hockey Podcast

And here's what I had to say:

I don't think there's any one guy who's on the chopping block, even though Salei probably has the most value of those guys who are overpaid, so I'll go with him. I think the Avs will see a lot of in-season turnover this year, especially if they aren't in contention for a playoff spot come March, and that's a strong possibility.

I suspect we'll see the following players moved at some point in the season:


I also think there's an outside chance Foote is moved later this season. I don't think he'll be shopped, but I think Hejduk could be had for the right price too. A lot of teams saw Pittsburgh win the cup after adding Bill Guerin last season, which makes Hejduk's value go up.


  1. Isn't Aaron's post meant for part 2?

  2. ha, I never said I'd be consistent! I'm here to fill in the gaps...

  3. @ thedoctor:

    If I were grading you, you'd definitely get an INC

  4. My best answer vote would have to go to thedoctor. Svatos is an easy choice to move at this point. I think they will wait a little while to move a D-man because it may be worthwhile to see which guys are the best fit for the Sacco system.