$45! You cannot be serious

For the low low price of $45 for the cheapest ticket you can see a preseason game between the Tampa Bay Lightning (29th in the league last season) and the Phoenix drifters Coyotes (25th in 08).

In all honesty I had planned on going to this, even though it's more than an hour away from my home. I thought it would be fun to go watch the game, and see guys like Victor Hedman, Martin St. Louis, Vincent LeCavalier, and Alex Tanguay play against Shane Doan, Kyle Turris, Ilya Bryzgolov, and Peter Mueller. I thought it would be a good time.

But for $45? Hell no. For the record I could go to the Avs-Kings minor league tilt tonight for $25. I could save the money for a DU game later in the season, where the most expensive ticket is $36. Both those games are also closer to me, and about 90% of the Denver-metro area, and cheaper. If I really wanted to see those two teams I could pay $25 to go see them during the season.

Tampa Bay @ Colorado - December 11th
Phoenix @ Colorado - Nov 4th, Feb 12th.

So for $50 I"could see both these teams, in the regular season. I really wanted to go but there's no way I'm making the 1-hour trek to pay $45 for a fricking preseason game. Good lord.

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  1. The worse part is, most of the players that you mentioned that you wanted to see (of the Lightning), DIDN'T even play. That's $45 dollars to watch Lukas Krajicek play.