You know, I hate how Brett Favre parlayed his "retirement" last season and this season into self-serving, childish attention-whoreing but at this point, with nothing to talk about at all, I kinda wish Joe Sakic would have done the same thing this summer. At least we would have had something to talk about, even if all everyone said was god I wish he's just make up his mind already. Right now... I gots nothing.

So here's the deal: Anyone with creativity and photoshop that wants to do some concept art for the Avs 3rd uni is more than welcome, and I'll post it here.

Also if you're really bored Cycle Like Sedins is holding a league-wide re-drafting where bloggers for each various team is re-drafting the league. I am representing the Avs, and we (Me and Avs fans) drew the absolute last pick in the entire draft... which puts a slight damper on things. After I finally get to pick I'll go through my thought process (I don't want to give away any secrets until then). The best part will be making fun of people for bad picks... So let's start that off. Go make fun of Scotty Hockey(NYR) for taking Mikka Kiprsoff at pick #20.

If you're looking for anything ro read, even if it's non-hockey, I recommend heading over to and checking out the archives of page 2's LZ Granderson. For my money he's the best sports columnist in the country today outside of Dan Wetzel at Yahoo, and he has a really unique point of view since he could classify as a minority 3 different ways; Racially (Black), Sexually (Gay), and Mentally Disabled (Raised in Detroit).

Anyways, back to monotony.


  1. I'm sorry man but Mike Ribeiro with the 31st pick? He's 29 years old and still hasn't had a single 30 goal season. There are other players on the Stars that would have been better picks than Ribeiro like Brendan Morrow and Brad Richards. Not to mention the rest of the NHL.

    Gagne on the other hand was a pretty good pick. Not sure if it would have been my pick but still a good pick