The Precarious Parshin Predicament

So Adrian Dater is now reporting that an Avs informant told him Dennis Parshin would not be coming to the Avs this year. Normally I would be able to take that at face value and move on. AD is a good reporter and is usually right about this kind of thing, you know the kind of situation where you have to do some actual reporting and talk to sources and not just baselessly speculate based on circumstantial evidence and all that good stuff.

In this particular situation, however, I’m not sure everything is cleared up, so I’m going to do what good bloggers do and baselessly speculate even though I haven’t talked to anyone who could be considered a “credible source”, unless you count my imagination. If you do consider my imagination a credible source, then I would strongly consider putting $100 on Jibblescribbits to win the Conn Smythe next season as playoff MVP in the Avs ’09-’10 Cup win. The 3 SC Finals hat tricks I have will put me in contention, but what will put me over the top is my work in concurrently thwarting a KHL/former KGB plot to sabotage the NHL finals while also rescuing an eternally grateful Scarlett Johansson from certain peril.

I’m digressing, which is what happens when I let my credible source run amok, but I am still am perplexed. It seems to me that the issue here is whether a Russian court will allow Parshin the ability to buyout his own contract and make himself an unrestricted free agent.

And with that being the case it seems like the Avs would be as in the dark about Parshin’s status for the NHL next season as the common fan, unless Pierre Lacroix is a former KGB/CIA/ Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agent with contacts inside the Russian judicial system. (Considering the way Pierre handles himself and his business this seems well within the realm of possibilities. In fact it would explain a hell of a whole lot).

Now it’s possible the Avs don’t think he’s ready, and would tell him he’d be in the AHL if he came to NA. Maybe they don’t want him. Maybe they aren’t going to sign him even if he wins his UFA status because they don’t want to further antagonize the KHL. Maybe he made googly eyes at PL’s wife. The Avs may have their own legitimate reasons for being certain Parshin won’t be in Burgundy and Frostbite blue next season.

I would have sent an e-mail to Dater asking for clarification but: I needed a topic to write about today and he may have cleared this up to the point where I wouldn’t be able to speculate about it. More relevantly I had a family function and didn’t get the opportunity to e-mail him, so I will tonight, and then post after he answers. (See how I can squeeze an extra post out of something that’s only marginally interesting. That’s why I consider myself a talented blogger folks. If you e-mail me I can share my tricks for getting 3 posts out of a topic that isn’t all that interesting to begin with).

Anyways I’ve always viewed Parshin playing in a Unipron next season a long-shot, and that still seem to be the case.


  1. Does anybody have any opinions on where Parshin would rank against our other prospects who are also listed at 5'9" (Tessier, McNicoll, Haydar)? I would guess that Haydar and Parshin would be fairly close experience wise but Haydar has shown that he can put up some eye-popping numbers in the minors. I'm not sure how that would compare to Parshin in the KHL.

  2. I really have no idea. I'd imagine the KHL is a slightly better league than the AHL, but not that much better.

  3. The Avs may have their own legitimate reasons for being certain Parshin won’t be in Burgundy and Joe Sakic blue next season.