Final Parshin Update

In order for Dennis Parshin to come to the Avs next season he would need a Russian court to side with him, the guy trying to leave for the riches of the United States, over the KHL, which happens to have a giant fan in Russian Supreme Prime Ministerfor life Vladimir Putin. A giant fan that's advocating the KHL expansion into Eastern Europe and Scandanavia.

Maybe I'm being a bit cynical. It's not like Vladimir Putin runs a pseudo-dictatorship where dissenters and government officials who oppose him are brutally assassinated or blackballed from running against Putin backed politicians. I mean really there's no substantial reason to fear opposing Vladimir Putin's wishes.

So really there was no need for me to think that Dennis Parshin coming to America was a longshot.

Oh wait.. Dmitry Chesnokov has reported on his Twitter account that, in the most shocking turn of events since the world learned that the CIA keeps secrets, the Russian Courts denied Dennis Parshin's request to become an unrestricted free agent.

Dennis Parshin is appealing the decision and has decided he'd rather sit out an entire season, thus becoming a free agent, rather than play in the KHL.

I think this is actually pretty significant, and will write-up some broad-picture thoughts later this evening.

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