Dev Camp Pics

Just something to supplement docs awesome write-up:

Duchene Shooting -- The Avs 2008-09 defense guarding him

Ryan Stoa tipping the puck on wide on Trevor Cann (I think). I don't remember if Stoa made the shot or not, but I'm sure the next photo is Cann looking behind him (if it is him).

Avs fans may not recognize this, it's a Defenseman shooting from the point. (Shattenkirk)

Damnit Ensign Shattenkirk, I'm a hockey stick, not an archer's bow. (Seriously look at that bend, that's a wrist shot folks! From a defenseman. I think I just pee'd my pants a little.)

O'Reilly trying to force a rebound in on Cann (again, I think it's Cann)

I don't remember who #74 was... Tyson Barrie but he's Kelsey Tessier shooting, so that's something the Avs need.

O'Reilly is the future Avs 3rd line center. He was solid on faceoffs, and here he is with his second shot of the blog post. 2 shots, That's what the previous Avs 3rd line center would call "A full work week"

Duchene... he's so dreamy! (I think the goalie is Maxwell, who I think actually deflected Duchene's shot wide. )

Edit: Eternal thanks to Jori, who has the dev camp roster numbers and allowed me to lookup Barrie's Tessier's name (very poorly apparently!).

I also regret not being able to get a decent picture of #71 Cedric McNicholl, because his skill was the biggest surprise to me of camp.


  1. Sorry I missed you at camp J. I need to make a point of meeting both you and thedoctor at camp in September.

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  3. For sure Dario. I made it to camp Friday kinda late, so I didn't have a chance to search people out very much.

  4. 74 was Tessier, not Barrie. Barrie was 75, and I think he was in black too.

    and for readers, that yellow tint to all the pictures? that's how the rink actually looks, it's a bummer. :(