Your Jibblescribbits Playoff Pool winner!

I didn't update these as much as I should have this season, but I was paying attention (hopefully you have been too). But it came down to the last series. Evgeni Malkin put on quite a show for Savage and Jibblewife, but it wasn't enough to overcome the deficit they were in.

So a hearty congrats to Holy the Goalie for winning the third annual Jibblescribbits playoff pool challenge. As a reward I'm going to let him continue to date my younger sister, oh and he can have a free post if he wants it too.

LAst years champion, StructuralPoke fell to the middle of the pack, along with yours truly. Even more tragic, I lost to the Jibblewife, which means a years worth of taunting and rubbing it in. I blame Pavel Datsyuk.

Here's your final standings:

1. Holy the Goalie 158.00
2. Jibblewife 155.00

Savage33 155.00
4. Dario 152.00
5. slagmacg 147.00
6. Drakenlot 145.00
7. Adam19 144.00
8. Disco Stu 144.00
9. Afino 143.00
10. StructuralPoke 143.00
11. Jibblescribbits 141.00
12. JoeyNecktie 141.00
13. StupidFlanders 140.00
14. Mike@MHH 135.00
15. The Tulsa Terrors 132.00
16. Shane 131.00
17. Tilt'd Toledo 128.00
18. Monkey Love 123.00
19. Spec7ral 116.00


  1. Yes, I wasn't last! Man I suck at hockey pools...

    Thanks for hosting it again, Jib!

  2. eh -- I still beat Mike@MHH and my brother (Tulsa) so I'm still OK. Anyway, I'm still basking in the interest I made off of investing last year's winnings.

    - StructuralPoke

  3. I didn't realize that my continued courtship of Jibblesis was contingent on my winning the pool . . .

    I'll see if I can't come up with something witty and entirely not stupid to post. No promises, though.