Announcements: The Return of the Jibbles!

That's right, this week I am packing up my stuff and moving back to the Denver-area. The good news is that now I'll get to shell out my hard earned cash to actually go to more than 2 Avs games a season (well if they get better)

The bad news is that all this week I will be almost entirely without internet access (save 1/2 of today), which means that there will be no draft analysis from me. I will be isolated from the world, alone adrift in a sea of little to no internet tubes there to comfort me.

But worry-not my faithful followers. thedoctor will be here to analyze the draft and put a perspective to any news that may happen.

See you all on the other side (of the Rocky Mountains, that is. You know. Since I'll be crossing them)


  1. Awesome news. I can't wait to grab beers with you.

  2. F'n a! I'm jealous dude. But next time I'm in the area we'll be able to hook up. Well not like "hook up" hook up but...I'll stop talking now...

  3. No F'in way. The whole MHH party thing is getting so much more interesting. Someone else is on the road to Denver right now (!) I won't spoil the fun. See you at development camp :)

  4. Tex is talking about me. I literally just got to Denver. This is too cool.


  5. welcome to the mile high everyone! we need to go drinking!


  6. @matt (not heir doktor) There is nothing else to do in the offseason but fish and drink :)