--The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in southern Arizona is the most powerful telescope ever built. It has dual 27.6 ft primary mirrors, and the first thing it saw when it opened recently was a galaxy over 102 million light years away. It is more powerful than the Keck Telescope in Hawaii, which just found the furthest object in the universe roughly 13 Billion light years away (with the help of naturally magnifying galaxies). It's also got the awesomeness of being a descendent of Johnny 5.

--The worlds strongest microscope is located at Berkley Laboritories in Livermore, CA. IT has a resolution of nearly 1/2 an Angstrom, which is the very limits of where matter begins to exhibit both the properties of wave and solid phenomena.

-- Einstein's theory of Relativity shows that in another reference frame, one moving very close to the speed of light, time would dilate and that time in that reference frame would go by quicker (according to those in our reference frame).

Now if you were able to combine the LBT and the microscope into a freakish franken-scope, and put it on a platform moving fast enough to be able to scan every 1/2 angstrom area in space within a 13B light year radius sphere originating at Earth within my lifetime, you still wouldn't be able to find one shred of sympathy for Les Ailes de Rouge after Hossa shot after the intended whistle Monday night.


God I love the playoffs.


  1. Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Sad really - I mean I for disliking a team and hoping they loose - but really cheering a call that you would be up in arms against if happened against the dives in a playoff game - sad.

  3. Paul--

    It's hard to take your condescension seriously when your grammar and syntax is so bad. Also, It's also hard to take your condescension seriously when Les Ailes fans have certainly cheered bad calls against the Avs.

    And it's really hard to take your condescension seriously when you're unable to discern the obvious tongue-in-cheek tone.