St. Patty the coach

So last week St. Patty visited Colorado to meet with Pierre LaCroix, presumably to discuss a deal designed to drive the suck out of Colorado. I don't think anyone is under the illusion that the meeting was a discussion on Patrick Roy becoming the next coach of the Colorado Avalanche.

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure how I feel about St. Patty becoming a coach. Roy has had some success at the QMJHL level as head coach of the Quebec Remparts. Even though he's most famous for ordering his son to fight the teams opposing goalie on the short end of a blowout, his team found some success. In 2006 his team was second in the league, and later won the Memorial Cup. The Remparts also made the semi-finals this season, and the quarterfinals in 2008.

The problem is that this success has been in the QMJHL, and I personally think it would serve Roy well to get some experience in a league that's somewhere between the QMJHL and the highest level of competition before joining the Avs, and frankly coaching in the Eastern Conference is such a step. Scotty Bowman said he thinks Roy is ready for an NHL coaching gig (although he didn't specify between Western and Eastern Conference.

If the Avs are indeed intent on replacing Tony Granato, Roy should certainly be looked at, but he shouldn't be their only candidate. There are multiple candidates out there who may be ready to take over and lead a club. The biggest tradgedy of the last coaching search wasn't that they hired Tony Granato, it was that they didn't interview anyone else. I take it back, hiring Tony Granato was the biggest tradgedy, but the pill was a lot tougher to swallow when they didn't interview anyone else.

The biggest problm with this entire "search" is in the dark. The Avs are looking for a GM, but bringing in coaching candidates. Several well-known GM candidates haven't been contacted. The Avs aren't being straight with anyone, and it's a disservice to their fans, their loyal coach, and the next GM.

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