Mad Mike

My favorite part of yesterday's Les Ailes-Ducks tilt that didn't cause infinite sadness to creep into that vast pit of emptiness that masquerades for a soul in most Les Ailes fans...

Between the 2nd and 3rd period on NBC Darren Pang and Mike Milbury had a "You be the coach" segment where each role-played the coach of one of the teams, and talked about what they would tell their teams between intermission. Darren Pang went first as Mike Babcock...

All paraphrased

Pang: The Red Wings aren't generating enough offense against the Ducks. I think they may have spread their offense too thin, so I think putting Zetterberg and Datsyuk on the same line, Maybe with Thomas Holmstrom, would allow the Wings to generate the offense they need.

So Darren Pang was able to identify a problem and come up with a tangible adjustment that could lead to solving the problem. See this is why I like Darren Pang as an announcer, he actually has some smart opinions and analysis.

Milbury: Listen Ducks, You're playing hard, but you just gotta play harder. You need to win those battles along the boards, and win those loose pucks. You're doing a good job, but you need to dig deep and play harder.

Play Harder... Ladies and Gentlemen, Muike Milbury's coaching adjustment for "his" team essentially boiled down to "Drink a Red Bull".

I can't imagine why the guy was considered the worst hockey GM since... well... ever.


  1. It hurts to watch Mike Milbury, his analysis, like you said usually boils down to one (in his mind) "truth."

    Milbury analysis:
    "The Refs suck and are vermin"
    "Play harder" (the example brought up by Jibbles
    "Punch someone"
    "This is what I would do" (RUN!)

    Panger, while he looks like he belongs closer to the Kentucky Derby, than hockey, is always a good analytical person...the saving grace of Coyotes hockey (OK, maybe not)

  2. yeah his schtick about "Not calling the marginal penalties and letting them just play" is already old.

    What really bothers me about Milbury is that it's obvious he got the GM position in Long Island through a good 'ol boys network. He's not smart, he obviously doesn't know a thing about hockey and he's not smart to pick it up.

  3. The bizarre thing is that Milbury does have at least a flicker of something going on between his ears, look at the tremendous talent he drafted over the years on the Island. Luongo, Chara, Jokinen, Bertuzzi...

  4. watching Milbury spout off makes Mcgwire look like a mensa member