Avs left at the alter

St. Patrick Roy has decided not to join the circus here in the Rocky Mountains, citing family reasons. He's already part of one crazy family, and adding a second isn't very appealing to him.

This whole situation has been a bad chick flick, with the Avs playing the role of the Kate Hudson/DrewBarrymore-esque plucky girl who is stuck in a reliable, yet ultimately boring, relationship. By chance one day an old flame, Matthew McConahey/Ben Afflek type, whom she only broke up with because he was too immature, shows up and she feels the rush of the feelings she that she was able to successfully bury for the last few years. She starts talking with the flame, some and seeing him everywhere, and those old buried feelings star becoming unearthed more and more. Meanwhile her current boring relationship starts falling apart as her boyfriend/husband, played by some likable faceless actor that no one ever remembers, suspects she still has feelings towards her ex, but is powerless to stop it. She meets her ex in "secret," even though everybody is aware of her feelings and nearly public courtship of her ex, who is displaying a new sense of maturity and is apparently everything she ever wanted. She finally lets go of any inhibitions and storms into some public place declaring her undying love for her ex (in a hilariously humiliating manner. See because a girl so in love with someone that she's willing to sacrifice any and all dignity to declare said love is inspiring, funny and, apparently, touching all at the same time.) The ex clearly still has feelings for the girl, but rebukes her anyways and she is humiliated (probably out in the rain with her makeup running down her face with tears in her eyes.)

... And that's where we are now, but let's play this out further, because we've all been forced to sit through this god forsaken cliché seen this movie 1,000 times. ....

Heartbroken, she goes back to her current boyfriend (who secretly knows that he is the second choice, but just wants her back because he actually is in love with her.) they go through the motions for a couple months, but finally come to realize that her courtship of her old flame showed that their relationship was never really all that strong to begin with, and that it can never go back to the way it was before. They amiably break up, vowing to still be friends and it's capped off with a hug to make you think that the Kate Hudson character handled everything with class, when in fact she caused this monumental train wreck in the first place.

The woman emerges stronger and we cut to a scene of her happy in a business suit walking confidentially down the street as some inspirational adult contemporary songs plays in the background, stronger because of the entire ordeal.

...And that's where we are now. The relationship between the Avs and Tony Granato (and Tony Granato and his players) can never be the same. The public courtship of Roy as coach, and possibly GM, has led to a situation where Granato can never be taken seriously, because the Avs will obviously just go to the next good thing that comes along. It's not even about his coaching ability anymore.

In fact the only reason I can think of why Granato hasn't resigned yet is because if he quits he loses the money left on his contract so he's going to force the Avs into firing him. And they need to fire him because everyone knows that there is no possible way he can be successful next season, now that the Avs have undermined his authority. This has nothing to do with his coaching ability anymore, any coach, good or bad, would face an impossible situation after this episode.

The best thing for the Avs to do right now is to cut the cord and start anew, anything else and they are just kidding themselves that they can go back to the way it was before.


  1. I think you've watched more cjick flicks than me.

  2. I hope Lacroix, Kroenke and company take this as a big wake up call. I mean, how bad is your organization if somene being offered their very first NHL post (not to mention the jump straight from junior) turns you down? Remember when players and coaches wanted to be a part of this franchise?