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I've set up a link to the playoff pool so you can check the standings without digging for the link or bookmarking it. Just click on the NES guy to the right, user info and password are under the picture. I've got first round standings below

Adrian Dater asks :
I remember much of last season, and especially after the season was over, how many “Q is the problem”, “Q must go!” people there were. Dozens and dozens. Joel Quenneville and his system were the problems with the Avalanche. Once he left, problem solved, you said.
You know who you are.
Well, I just want to ask you: want to revise that opinion now?
Quenneville was still not the best fit for the Avs (even though he would have been a better fit than Granato)

I've laid out why my opinion of him hasn't changed before, but I think he's in the perfect situation for him in Chicago. It's a situation that mitigates his weaknesses, and plays to his strengths, and It wouldn't surprise me if he even won a cup in Chicago this season.
• Khabibulin is a proven veteran goaltender who was the clearcut better goalie for the 'Hawks this season, thus eliminating Q's consistent goalie tinkering.
• The Blackhawks have 3 outstanding breakout-passing defensemen: Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith, and Brian Campbell. It's no secret that the Avs scored the majority of their goals on the rush when Q was coach.
• Q's "everyone below the endline" offense requires players to have the stickhandling creativity to beat a defender 1-vs-1 to set up odd-man situations. Havlat, Kane, Versteeg, Sharp, Campbell and Toews all have that creativity. Stastny and Wolski (and Brunette when he was here) are the only Avs with that creativity. The Avs offense was ill-fitting to that style. The Avs needs a coach that can use the strong passers (Stastny, Sakic, Hejduk, Wolski, Smyth, Salei, Liles, Leopold, Clark, and to a much lesser extent Arnason and Hensick) to set up Snipers (Hejduk, Sakic, Wolski, Stastny, Svatos) or Pinching Defensemen (Liles, Salei, Leopold, Clark) for shots that go in or allow the power forwards (Jones, Stewart, Smyth) to screen and bang in rebounds. Q's system never took advantage of the Avs excellent passers to create shooting lanes.
• Quenneville sours on players, and can't seem to ever let them out of his doghouse. And he sweetens on players and they can do no wrong. His grudges were fully developed in Colorado, but haven't been established on a young Blackhawks team (yet).


DD has started his Avalanche grades . If you haven't checked them out before on his old site, In the Cheap Seats. I realize it's the off-season, but these are must-read for Avs fans, as DD has a very astute analysis of all the Avs players. They are also a nice read throughout the summer.


Updated Playoff Pool Standings:

1. Holy the Goalie 69.00

Jibblewife 69.00

slagmacg 69.00
4. Dario 68.00

Drakenlot 68.00

Savage33 68.00
7. JoeyNecktie 67.00
8. Shane 66.00
9. StructuralPoke 64.00
10. Adam19 63.00
11. Afino 63.00
12. Disco Stu 62.00
13. Jibblescribbits 60.00
14. StupidFlanders 60.00
15. Spec7ral 59.00
16. Monkey Love 58.00
17. Mike@MHH 55.00
18. Tilt'd Toledo 55.00
19. The Tulsa Terrors 49.00

My wife is beating me (and almost everyone else too...). This is unacceptable, because I will never hear the end of it if she happens to win. Defending champ, StructuralPoke, is well within striking position, as is just about everybody.

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  1. I had low output from Datsyuk and my Blue Jacket and Canadien picks didn't get me anything. I'm still feeling good

    -- StructuralPoke