Can't the playoffs just start

If this were NHL '09 I'd just simulate the last 4 games and start my offseason building. Of course if this season were NHL '09 I'd have hit the reset ~1M times already, starting with hitting it over and over until they hired a different coach, and signed Niklas Hagman ($3M/season, 20G 19 Assists) instead of Darcy Tucker ($2.25M/season, 8G 8A, 1,500 lazy drop passes just inside the blueline that develop into an opposing odd-man rush). I also would have probably set the difficulty to Rookie by now.

Do we really have to play-out the last 4 games. The Avs beat Vancouver in the last game, so let's just not show up for the last 4 games and go out on a positive note. How depressing is this season? For the first time since moving to California 2 & 1/2 years ago I will be missing an Avs-Sharks game in person. Instead I will be headed to San Francisco for the Giants opening day (with free tickets no less!).

That being said it was nice to see the Avs finally get a W, even if it really hurt their Hedman/Tavares chances. A lot of the recent call-ups have played hard and at the very least deserve the feeling of a win in the NHL, and they finally got it. Kudos to Milan Hejduk (and Peter Budaj) for continuing to own Canuckistan and getting these kids a win. Now we all just need to root for the Lightning to pull out a couple points.

When's the draft lottery again?


  1. I was incredibly torn over the win the other night

  2. speaking of playoffs -- are you going to have your playoff pool this year? I have a title to defend...

  3. How many posts per month does a brotha hafta provide to get in on some o dat action?

    Consider my lazy ass back to work, tout de suite.