Work: Busy

Avs: Quiet

Ducks- my new favorite team (at least until their series with the Wings is over)

Flames:-- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Two game 7's on tap tonight, and I recommend you watch them.

Since I don't have time to type much here's a recycled post from 2 years ago in which I wax poetic about the specialness of game 7's. Last year we only got 2 the entire season.


  1. I know it's Q, and I know he has been impugned on several sites. But since I live in Chicago and only root against the Blackhawks when they play the Avs. I hope Q can break his 2nd round curse, I'd love to see the Hawks go all the way (doubtful, but hey...stranger things have happened)

  2. I have no ill will towards Q.. ok maybe a little because I believe he's responsible for shattering Budaj's confidence. I think he's a good coach with the right personnel, and I think he's a good coach until he starts carrying around grudges and favoritism towards his own players.

    He's also a pretty decent human being, and I appreciated his class behind the bench, so I wish him success. I'm not a big Blackhawks fan, but over the Ducks or Red Wings I'll commit to the Indian.