A blast from the past

On May 22nd last year Tony Granato was hired as the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche. Here's what I wrote then:

Damnit. I spoke up too late

And just if anyone's curious the exact the song I was listening to when I saw this announcement (In the Beginning by The Stills) was at the part where they were singing these exact lyrics:

in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire

So that's a good sign

So when someone says "Man who could have seen this coming with the Avs?"
The answer is, well, a lot of people:

Granato screams out as the “safe” choice. That’s not a terrible thing, but I think Francois Giguere missed a chance to really shake things up behind the bench.
The cynic in me also says this: The Avs are uncomfortable at the thought of a high-profile, opinionated type of coach, a guy like a Pat Burns or Ron Wilson or Barry Melrose. They want in-house, home-grown guys who they can better control. The real cynic in me says they only want subservient puppets, and they want to stubbornly go against public opinion (i.e., the media) and never admit a mistake. Hence, Granato’s rehire.
Mike @ MHH:
More to come after I stop the bleeding from banging my head against the wall. OK, I think I managed to cauterize the wound with a ham and cheese Hot Pocket.

Commenting stalwart, and friend of jibblescribbits, thedoctor (aka matt):
My initial reaction is...why? Granato had one job the last few years, as far as I know -- the Power Play. Which was certifiably awful last year at 29th in the league. So lets promote him!

I'm usually an optimist about this kind of thing around here, but this is an awful move. He was terrible his first time around, he was terrible last year in his role as PP coach...why would this be any different?

Edit -- Official Link

And I'm still in shock. What an awful move.


  1. maybe woody saying someone like Roy or Hartley should coach isn't such a bad idea, i would like to get out of the 'old boys club' as much as the next guy, but who's left?

  2. Here is what I said on one board at the time

    "We went down this road before to miserable failure. We are trying it again WHY??? Horrible move IMO"

    Another was similar

    "Ummmm...Didn't we go down this road? Didn't it already fail? Did I miss something? Did something change? Terrible decision. Nothing like waiting for the best guy..."

    And finally:

    "My goodness, I leave the boards for a couple of weeks, and the Avs re-hire Granato?
    I just can't figure this move out, considering his playoff runs were equally as bad as Q's. Hmmm..."

    - chiavsfan

  3. @horbayj:

    I think there are some very strong coaching candidates out there. I will be going over this next week.

    @ chiavs:

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force...as if millions of
    voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear
    something terrible has happened.

  4. The next time the Avs hire a coach, it better be a guy who has gotten to the Stanley Cup as an assistant or better.

  5. @ GEO:

    Like Quenneville?

    Seriously, I think there are some good coaches out there who haven't been part of cup-winning staff's. I wouldn't put that requirement on them.

  6. I'm a little biased because the guys I want to coach this team have all had some success as a coach.

    Quenneville wasn't the right fit, but I think we can agree that he WAS better than Granato. Switching lines aside, there's no way the team could have been any worse.

    Although, Wolski might still be in the press box.

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  8. Thanks for the love jibble -- I feel like I'm almost a part of the "circle jerk" now! :)

  9. One of the best parts about having ~10 concussions and no memory anymore is that I read stuff I said in the past and it's all totally new to me. A comment I wrote in there:

    "all this is true, but he also had one of the most stacked teams EVER and failed. Sakic, Forsberg, Kariya, Selanne, Hejduk, Tanguay as your top 6? Blake and Foote in their primes on the back end, with a young JML and Derek Morris?

    If I reach deep for optimism, I can find some things to try and hope for: maybe he is actually ready after the additional seasoning. Maybe the PP woes were Q’s fault—it did looks much different this year stylistically. And this we know for sure, they’ll play more uptempo, which is what we’ve all been screaming for.

    But I doubt it."

    I totally agree with this guy. What a genius! I totally saw this coming and don't even remember!

  10. Maybe the plan was to tank it all along. After all, Giguere went out and signed Tucker and Raycroft. ;)