Wishful thinking

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If we get credit for Columbuses wins we can make it into the playoffs!


  1. That is why I insist on calling the Avs "Cld" and the BJs "Cls".

    I have many anal-retentive opinions on abbreviations in the league.

    Nashville should be called "Nas"
    Calgary should be "Cal"
    Pittsburgh needs to be "Pit"

    Those five names are required to appease my OCD need to alphabetize cities in the same order as their abbreviated names. Columbus needs to come after COL, NJ cannot come before Nsh, Carolina belongs behind Cgy, and Philly/Phoenix should always appear ahead of Pgh.

    Now pardon me while I now tap on my monitor three times, while repeating "Tap three times" in between each tap. Then I must wash my hands - it's been more than 20 minutes.

  2. Where alphabetization is not affected, I usually opt for the phoenetic, over the first three letters.

    If the 'Canes would just move back to Hartford, Calgary could have their Cgy back. Like two-thirds of the Canadian teams, there exists a 3-lettered tri-syllabic abbreviation that best identifies the town.

    Mtl is more descriptive than Mon
    Otw works better than Ott
    Vcr identifies better than Van

    Aestetically, Fla is always preferrable to Flo, which is why nobody uses the latter. I say the same reasoning be applied to Pha over Phi, and Phx over Pho.

    Does anyone else suddenly smell the blood of an Ing Glish Munn? No? I must be having another stroke, then.

    I am less adamant about the following three, but still prefer:

    Anh which is less effete than Ana
    SJ which is the only team in town - no need for SJS
    Wsh which just looks better than Was

    OK, gotta do the tapping thing and wash my hands again.

  3. @ Tilt'd

    You've put waaaay too much thought into this.