The Season That Was: The First in an Umpteen Part Series

We can root for him again, eleven months from now

Contributed by resident analyst therapist analyst, Tilt’d Toledo

For fans of NHL teams that are headed toward an early summer, the time of year that falls between the Trade Deadline and the Entry Draft can seem endlessly long.

Does this change in the hockey season leave you feeling lethargic or less energetic than you usually are? Maybe you feel sad and depressed, like there’s nothing at all to get excited about. Have you recently experienced a sudden loss of appetite or weight loss? Or maybe you’ve started eating more often and have put on some weight. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact your physician. He or she can recommend a good analyst or therapist to treat many of these symptoms.

If you’re like me, and can’t afford are unable to find a family doctor, then you might turn to alternative methods, such as regression or projection therapy. For Colorado hockey fans, this might entail reliving past glories on DVD or the late-night imaginings of future Av greatness. Luckily for you, we here at Jibblescribbits keep a number of specially trained people on staff, to help deal with just those situations. One such expert, who happens to hold a dual specialty as both analyst and therapist (or anal-rapist as he, for some reason, likes to call himself), Dr. Giancarlo Toledo can help you regress to an earlier period, when everything looked rosy for the Avs at 0 GBL, or else help you to see beyond the current, seemingly infinite period, to a time not far off when the Avs are not 45 points behind the Sharks. Ask your doctor if Jibblescribbits is right for you. Jibblescribbits should not be taken orally. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, you should avoid using Jibblescribbits. Some people may experience some mild cramping or headaches when taking Jibblescribbits. Side effects may also include inflammation of the bursa sakic or contagious Cumiskitis of the shoulder.

OK, disclaimers are all out of the way, now let’s get healthy.

With another 15 exhibition games left on the schedule for the Avs, but almost 175 meaningful games remaining for others (not to mention 2 solid months of playoffs after that), what’s an Av fan to do? I already find myself looking alternately back in time, and then forward to a better time – anything to avoid the present lull period. It’s too early in the year to conduct a full season post-mortem on the team, but there’s no better time of year to reflect upon the recently concluded season of giving. Imagining for a second, that I had written a related piece five months ago to commemorate the 2008 off-season, allow me to pick up here and now, with a recap of the 2008-2009 in-season transactions (that actually began before some teams had played Game One). Some other day I’ll take a look forward to the Entry Draft and UFA season.

The world will follow our lead into the future!On October 4th, four NHL head coaches led their charges into Euro 08, on the orders of Chancellor Bettman, whose annual blitzkrieg to seemingly eradicate any effects that a true season opener might have on the league. Why must he insist upon missing the chance to hit the ground running, in terms of attracting casual fans? The staggered start tends to take away from the mystique of a league-wide opening Saturday. These four games could easily be played mid-season, anyway. That’s an argument for another day, however, as I’m supposed to be talking about trades. I just wanted to point out that those four coaches: Barry Melrose, Craig Hartsburg, Michel Therien and Tom Renney, were so filled with hope for the coming season, after having whittled their rosters down to the guys they wanted. Within a few days, the times they were a-changin’.

Arrrrgh!On October 6th, after the Rangers beat Tampa twice in Prague, Shane O’Brien was just getting home to the Gulf Coast, when he got news that he was no longer a member of the team. That didn’t sit too well.

On October 9th, after splitting their Swedish series with Ottawa, the Penguins acquired Mike Zigomanis from Phoenix, taking a job away from one of the four centermen. And it wasn’t Sid or Staal.

Then the rest of the league began their season. Over the next five months, a total of 42 trades, 22 waiver claims, 13 free agent signings, countless call-ups and assignments, 7 coaching changes and even an entirely new Maple Leafs front office, would shape the league into what it is now.


10/6: TB acquires Shane O’Brien (D) and minor leaguer Juraj Simek (RW) from Vcr
10/6: Vcr acquires Lukas Krajicek (D) and minor leaguer Michel Ouellet (RW) from TB

10/9: Pit acquires Mike Zigomanis (C) from Phx
10/9: Phx acquires future considerations from Pit

10/13: Pha navigates the acquisition of Andrew Alberts (D) and a conditional 2009 pick from Bos
10/13: Bos discovers unknown minor leaguer, Ned Lukacevic (C), acquired from Pha
10/13: LA claims Kyle Quincey (D) for the Kings de los Angeles VIII, pillaging the resource off waivers from Det

Arrrrgh!10/15: Chi fires head coach Denis Savard, for Joel Quenneville

10/21: TB claims Matt Pettinger (LW) off waivers from Vcr
10/21: StL claims David Koci (LW) off waivers from TB

10/23: Anh signs UFA Bret Hedican (D)
10/23: TB signs UFA Marek Malik (D)

10/28: Phx claims Ken Klee (D) off waivers from Anh
10/28: Fla signs UFA Jassen Cullimore (D)

10/31: Jim Rutherford masquerades as an NHL GM, tricking UFA Michael Ryan (LW) into signing for a few treats


11/5: Dal signs UFA Mark Parrish (RW)

11/7: Pha acquires Matt Carle (D) and a 3rd Round 2009 pick from TB
11/7: TB acquires Steve Eminger (D), Steve Downie (RW) and a 4th Round 2009 pick from Pha

Arrrrgh!11/11: The Avs sign decorated veteran, UFA Jesse Boulerice (RW)
11/11: Edm remembers past wars and claims Jesse Boulerice (RW) off waivers from the Avs

11/14: TB fires head coach Barry Melrose, for Rick Tocchet

11/16: Dal acquires Darryl Sydor (D) from Pit
11/16: Pit acquires Phalippe Boucher (D) from Dal

11/17: The Avs extend Paul Stastny (C) for 6 years at $6.6M/year

11/18: StL claims B.J. Crombeen (RW) off waivers from Dal

11/20: TB reclaims David Koci (LW) off waivers from StL

11/24: Tor acquires Lee Stempniak (RW) from StL
11/24: StL acquires Alex Steen (LW) and Carlo Colaiacovo (D) from Tor

11/25: Phx acquires former Av Wyatt Smith (C) from TB
11/25: TB acquires future considerations from Phx

11/27: Nas gives thanks for former Avalanche 1st Round turkey, Wade Belak (RW)
11/27: Fla feasts on Nick Tarnasky (LW), provided by the generous natives of Nas

11/29: Tor replaces GM Cliff Fletcher with Brian Burke, from Anh


12/3: Phx acquires Joakim Lindstrom (LW) from Anh
12/3: Anh acquires minor leaguer Logan Stephenson (D) from Phx
12/3: Car fires head coach Peter Laviolette, for Paul Maurice

12/5: Dal loses Sean Avery (LW) to suspension, anger management re-education

Arrrrgh!12/6: Tor hires senior vice president of hockey operations, David Nonis, from Anh

12/12: Wsh signs webmaster/college player, Brett Leonhardt (G), to a 20-minute contract

12/14: Dal acquires Brian Sutherby (C) from Anh
12/14: Anh acquires minor leaguer David McIntyre (C) and a 6th Round 2010 pick from Dal

12/18: Vcr signs former Nord, UFA Mats Sundin (C)

12/29: SJ signs former Av, UFA Claude Lemieux (RW)

12/30: Vcr acquires Jason LaBarbera (G) from LA
12/30: LA acquires a 7th Round 2009 pick from Vcr


1/7: Tor acquires Brad May (LW) from Anh, to complete the tampering trifecta
1/7: Anh acquires a 6th Round 2010 pick from Tor

1/10: Atl claims Rich Peverley (C) off waivers from Nas
1/10: NJ signs UFA Brendan Shanahan (LW)

1/14: Cls acquires Jason Williams (C) from Atl
1/14: Atl acquires minor leaguer Clay Wilson (D) from Cls

The Avs will surely find a spot for Kyle with the limited cap space they currently suffer1/15: NYI sign UFA Wade Dubiliewicz (G)

1/17: Pit acquires Mathieu Garon (G) from Edm
1/17: Edm acquires minor leaguer Dany Sabourin (G), minor leaguer Ryan Stone (LW), and a 4th Round 2011 pick from Pit
1/17: Cls claims Wade Dubieliewicz (G) off waivers from NYI

1/19: TB has a dream that one day this team will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “that all defensemen are created equal”; claim Cory Murphy (D) off waivers from Fla

1/27: The Avs recall Kyle Cumiskey for the 2nd time that month, but perhaps the last time ever

1/29: Min acquires Dan Fritsche (C) from NYR
1/29: NYR acquire minor leaguer Erik Reitz (D) from Min


2/2: Mtl GM, Bob Gainey, takes his annual peek outside of his hole and signs disgraced Michigan State enforcer, Andrew Conboy (LW)
2/2: Otw GM, Bryan Murray, as he is wont to do annually, sees his shadow and fires head coach Craig Hartsburg, for Cory Clouston

2/3: Anh acquires Sheldon Brookbank (D) from NJ
2/3: NJ acquires minor leaguer David McIntyre (C) from Anh
2/3: Anh acquires Mike Brown (RW) from Vcr
2/3: Vcr acquires minor leaguer Nathan McIver (D) from Anh

2/6: Wsh claims Staffan Kronwall (D) off waivers from Tor

2/9: Car acquired Jussi Jokinen (LW) from TB, likely circumventing another team’s re-entry waiver claim
2/9: TB acquired Josef Melichar (D), Wade Brookbank (RW), and a 4th Round 2009 pick from Car; cleared Jussi’s salary

2/15: Pit fires head coach Michel Therien, for Dan Bylsma

2/16: Mtl reunites with long-lost family member, Mathieu Schneider (D) from Atl
2/16: Atl sleeps soundly after scoring a 2-for-1 President’s Day sale on a 2nd Round 2009 pick and a 3rd Round 2010 pick from Mtl

2/20: Otw acquires Chris Campoli (D) and impending UFA Mike Comrie (C) from NYI, making a lil’ push for the playoffs
2/20: NYI acquire former Av Dean McAmmond (C) and a 1st Round pick from Otw (originally belonging to SJ, via TB for Meszaros)

2/21: Cls claims Chris Gratton (C) off waivers from TB

Currently tied for the league league, with 4 As2/23: NYR fire head coach Tom Renney, for John Tortorella, ending the 4th and final Euro08 coach’s season at 142 days

2/25: NYR claim Mark Bell (C) off waivers from Tor

2/26: Anh acquires Ryan Whitney (D) from Pit
2/26: Pit acquires Chris Kunitz (LW) and Eric Tangradi (LW) from Anh
2/26: Dal acquires Steve Begin (C) from Mtl
2/26: Mtl acquires minor leaguer Doug Janik (D)

2/27: Mtl claims Glen Metropolit (C) off waivers from Pha
2/27: Vcr claims former Av Ossi Vaananen (D) off waivers from Pha


3/2: NJ acquires Niclas Havelid (D) and Myles Stonesz (RW) from Atl
3/2: Atl acquires Anssi Salmela (D) from NJ

3/3: NYR claim Sean Avery (LW) off waivers from Dal
3/3: Cal claims Lawrence Nycholat (D) off waivers from Vcr

3/4: Tor claims Martin Gerber (G) off waivers from Otw
3/4: Dal claims Brendan Morrison (C) off waivers from Anh
3/4: Pit claims Craig Adams (RW) off waivers from Chi
3/4: Tor claims Erik Reitz (D) off waivers from NYR

3/4: Cls acquires Antoine Vermette (C) from Otw
3/4: Otw acquires Pascal Leclaire (G) and a 2nd Round 2009 2nd Round pick from Cls

Colorado's Dan Hinote levels Calgary defender, Jordan Leopold, in a game November 21st, 20053/4: Cal acquires Jordan Leopold (D) from the Avs
3/4: The Avs acquire Lawrence Nycholat (D), Ryan Wilson (D), and a 2nd Round 2009 pick

3/4: Buf acquires Mikael Tellqvist (G) from Phx
3/4: Phx acquires a 4th Round 2010 pick from Buf

3/4: Bos acquires Steve Montador (D) from Anh
3/4: Anh acquires Petteri Nokelainen (RW) from Bos

3/4: Cal acquires Olli Jokinen (C) and a 3rd Round 2009 pick from Phx
3/4: Phx acquires Matthew Lombardi (C) and Brandon Prust (C) from Cal, plus the Flames’ choice of either a 1st Round 2009 pick or a 1st Round 2010 pick

3/4: Bos acquires Mark Recchi (RW) and a 2nd Round 2010 pick from TB
3/4: TB acquires Martins Karsums (RW) and minor leaguer Matt Lashoff (D) from Bos

3/4: Pit acquires Bill Guerin (RW) from NYI
3/4: NYI acquire a 2009 pick from Pit, which will be at least a 5th Rounder. If Pit makes the playoffs, it becomes a 4th Rounder. If Pit wins a series, it becomes a 3rd Rounder

3/4: Pha acquires Daniel Carcillo (LW) from Phx
3/4: Phx acquires Scottie Upshall (LW) and a 2nd Round 2011 pick from Pha

3/4: NYR acquire Nik Antropov (C) from Tor
3/4: Tor acquires a 2nd Round 2009 pick from NYR plus, on the condition that the Rangers make it to the Conference Finals this season, a 4th Round 2010 pick as well

3/4: NYR acquire Derek Morris (D) from Phx
3/4: Phx acquires Dmitri Kalinin (D), Nigel Dawes (LW) and Peter Prucha (LW) from NYR

3/4: Buf acquires Dominic Moore (C) from Tor
3/4: Tor acquires a 2nd Round 2009 pick from Buf

3/4: Anh acquires Erik Christensen (LW) from Atl
3/4: Atl acquires minor leaguer Eric O’Dell (C) from Anh

3/4: Fla acquires Steve Eminger (D) from TB
3/4: TB acquires Noah Welch (D) and a 3rd Round 2009 pick from Fla

3/4: Anh acquires James Wisniewski (D) and Peter Kontiola (C) from Chi
3/4: Chi acquires Samuel Pahlsson (C), minor leaguer Logan Stephenson (D) and a conditional 4th Round pick from Anh

3/4: SJ acquires Travis Moen (LW) and Kent Huskins (D) from Anh
3/4: Anh acquires minor leaguer Timo Pilmeier (G), minor leaguer Nick Bonino (C) from SJ, plus a 4th Round 2011 pick, which becomes a 2nd Round 2011 pick, if SJ reaches the Finals this season

3/4: LA acquires Justin Williams (RW) from Car
3/4: Car acquires Patrick O’Sullivan (C) and a 2nd Round 2009 pick from LA

3/4: Car acquires Eric Cole (LW) and a 5th Round 2009 pick from Edm
3/4: Edm acquires Patrick O’Sullivan and the Kings’ 2nd Round 2009 pick from Car

3/4: Edm acquires Ales Kotalik from Buf
3/4: Buf acquires the Kings’ 2nd Round 2009 pick from Edm

3/4: TB acquires minor leaguer Richard Petiot (D) from Tor
3/4: Tor acquires minor leaguer Andy Rogers (D), Olaf Kolzig (G), Jamie Heward (D) and a 4th Round 2009 pick from TB

3/5: Tor signs UFA Jeff Hamilton (RW)

3/9: Mtl GM Bob Gainey expels head coach Guy Carbonneau from the Commonwealth; takes the reins of power, himself


  1. Wow... I think that's more than i ever wanted to know about every transaction this season.

  2. Yeah, and to think that I actually pared down the list from 54 trades and dozens of free agent signings. A couple of the dozen missing trades even happened on Deadline Day, but involved minor leaguers going both ways (insert Mike Danton joke here).