Radio killed the blogging star

This post brought to you by: Jibblescribbits

A few weeks ago I got together with Tapeleg from Jersey's and Hockey Love to watch a Sharks game, and then he interviewed me on his podcast. This is a bit late, but still worth a quick listen if only to make fun of me for my voice. Or make fun of me for my rambling style. Or my "Believe in Peter Budaj" campaign.

The Rink Podcast


  1. Great stuff.

    Who was driving, again? That was the greatest cross-over since Belzer's Munch visited detective Briscoe, a few years before his character actually joined the show.

    It was like, if Cpt. Kirk had joined the Rebels for their assault on the Death Star.

    Next, you'll be posting the footage of a basketball game between Wyshynski's Hoop Daddies and our humble JibbleNuggets, live from Mirtle's rink. Starring you know who as the crooked ref.

    Small world, this Blogoya-sphere.

  2. lol. Jon from Sharkspage was driving.