Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Contributed by resident talent scout, Tilt’d Toledo

Just like the protagonist in Judith Rossner’s novel, we here at Jibblescribbits News Corporation™ are sometimes prone to embark upon drunken, late-night, especially secret gas station solipsisms of johns and hometown alleys, too. And when we tire of whatever that means, we go out in search of “the perfect man”.

Imagine the new tenant was a strip club called Rocky Mountain NudesFor the past couple of days we’ve wondered what it might be like to have a great job working the Avs’ beat for the past 14 years, before suddenly losing it all. Unlike anyone else in Denver, Rick Sadowski can say that he need not wonder. He’s lived it. From the highs of capturing the Cup in the inaugural season, to the lows of watching the current injury-plagued team fold faster than Superman on laundry day, Rick has seen it all, up close. And now he’s seen it all taken away.

While we can totally sympathize with Rick’s plight, we must acknowledge the fact that we are entering into the eleventh hour of a season that has quickly become the most important rebuilding chapter in Avalanche history. This is no time for a long layoff by somebody with the knowledge, insight and access to communicate the most accurate and authentic impressions of this busy time for François Giguere. Putting all pleasantries and formalities aside, we must bluntly send out this distress call:

Rick Sadowski: Jibblescribbits NEEDS YOU!

We are not saddled with bags of gold here at JNC™, parent company of the various Jibblescribbits blogs and brands. For that reason alone, we are unable to make Mr. Sadowski the offer he deserves. All we are suggesting is that Rick consider our humble platform to relay his take on all things Avs, and, of course, only during his down time from seeking true employment. Knowing his penchant for buffalo ribeye, Vail Mountain Nachos, and ribs marinated in Blue Moon Ale, we have pooled our resources and come up with the following offer:

If you, Rick, agree to contribute no less than one column per month, beginning with a feature that is filed on time for the NHL Trade Deadline, we would gladly provide for a monthly dinner for four for you and your family at Blue Sky Grill. (just tell us you have three kids and we’ll be forced to make it dinner for 5)

Additionally, if you are able to use your contacts and influence with
Brendan McNicholas or Damen Zier to obtain for us a media pass AND you would be willing to provide more frequent articles, then you can expect to be dining there weekly.

Why is the crane BEHIND the new sign?It may not be much of an offer, but it is sincere. And free dinner is nothing to scoff at. Adding your voice to the Jibblescribbits team would be a coup, but what we here at JNC™ really want, is simply for your voice to be heard. We all hunger for a meaty piece of your writing to scarf down. While we cannot promise you your old office back, we can guarantee you a portion of your old readership and a smattering of new, impressionable young souls. So call us at 1-800-JIBBLES


  1. I for one would love to read Rick Sadowski regularly here.

  2. I for one think Mr has waaaaaaayy too much credibility and self respect for this site :)