Congrats Les Ailes/Osgood fans!

You now sound like every Peter Budaj (or Andrew Raycroft) supporter did 70 games ago:

Don't feed me the Osgood line about tonight's loss. Osgood gave up one bad goal and had no chance on the others. His teammates screened him on three and gave up a bang-bang play on the first one. Give me the Wings not grinding it out, not working hard enough over 60 minutes, not converting on their power play and allowing the Predators to execute on their opportunities instead of executing on their own.

From... DD at In the Cheap Seats October 10th:

Honestly, I think you could chalk up most of Boston’s goals to lucky bounces or great execution rather than defensive lapses or bad play by Peter Budaj. The Bruins did get some early breakaways, but Budaj came up big to save his teammates’ proverbial bacon. Phil Kessel (wearing his trademark shorts with an inseam ripped halfway to his crotch) scored the first Boston goal, and that one - coming when Joe Sakic was forced off the puck in the Avs zone - is really the only “bad” goal the Avs game up.

From me, November 3rd

Avs fans can continue to pin the blame of losses like this on Budaj, and I'm sure the reasons will be such nebulous concepts as "rebound control", but all goalies give up plenty of rebounds. Last time I checked those pads on their legs didn't have gloves attached and so any low shot is likely to end up back in front of the goalie. But quality defensive teams will have guys around the goalie to clear those pucks out of the zone and tie up any attackers looking for those rebounds.

And me, again, February 14th:
Last night against the Canadiens was really a microcosim of Budaj's season. He played well, and had a decent game, for the most part. His defense broke down in front of him (and the defense on the last Habs goal was miserable) and Budaj was unable to bail out his defense. Because of that Budaj is taking most of the heat for the loss. The majority of the blame should be placed on a coaching system that sees far too many breakdowns like that, even when there's good defensive players on the ice (I saw Hejduk, Liles, Hannan and Wolski on the ice) and the players who let a guy beat 4 defenders and walk in all alone on Budaj, but part of being a goalie is picking up the slack when the defense makes a mistake.

Hmmm fans sound the same way about Chris Osgood going into the playoffs as Avs fans do about Peter Budaj going into the season. This should end well.

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