To trade or not to trade? (Lappy that is)

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Adrian Dater asked it... Should the Avs trade Ian Laperriere, or give the guy a raise?

As I first started pondering this question in my head, I really thought I would have a hard time answering the questions. On one hand the Avs gave a 32-year old Darcy Tucker a $2M+ contract spanning 2 years, and Ian Laperriere is most certainly worth more to this team than Darcy Tucker. On the other hand it's difficult to just compare one player to another player. Just because the Avs made a giant mistake with Tucker's contract doesn't mean they should compound the mistake by overpaying for everyone just because they overpaid there.

So I was going over the thoughts in my head, and I decided comparing him to Tucker was a bad idea, so I should compare him to others in the league. So I headed over to NHLnumbers and searched Centers (which he's listed as) by salary and wanted to see what kind of centers were around his range. Steve Reinprecht, Rob Neidermeyer and Jeff Halpern all are north of 30 and make $2M/season. I'd much rather have Laperriere on my team than either of those three.

I was pretty stunned when I looked at the results. For god's sakes the man is wildly underpaid right now. He's lumped in with a bunch of Restricted free agents still on their rookie contracts and guys who took close to the veteren minimum just to be able to play. That ain't right.

Last summer everyone was in agreement that the honorable thing for Theodore to do would be to take a pay cut, since the Avs paid him $6M and he was good for about 1/2 a season. Well Laperriere was paid well under what he should have been paid, so even if he's 35 the Avs should show him some loyalty by giving him some extra dough. I'd much rather overpay for him than some of the other guys we have overpaid for.

Pay the man his money... 2-years at $2M/year. Let's get this done Giguere, and don't forget... It's all about Lappy

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