Timing is everything. FG: the time is now

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I have more coming on this later, but most people familiar with my recent writings know that I think the Avs should pounce and try to pry Jhonas Enroth away from the Buffalo Sabres. I have contacted Sabres bloggers and even Portland Pirates bloggers and asked them some questions about the kid.

Ryan Miller was hurt on Saterday and the Sabres are still battling for a playoff spot. Now would be the time for the Avs to start trying to package maybe Leopold and Budaj (and probably a young goalie like Billy Sauer, Peter Delmas or Jason Bacashihua) for Enroth + draft picks.

More on this tonight...


  1. Interesting thought for sure, but I think Legace is probably a far more likely and cheaper target for their needs.

    Why all the love for Enroth? He's tiny!

  2. I don't know, maybe I have a thing for petite swedes.

    Enroth won't solve any short term goalie needs in Colorado, but I think he's going to be a stud long term. He's rated really high at Hockey prospects, but I would like to watch him play.

    I think the avs should trade for him, and give him a year or two at Lake Erie, and sign Legace, Fernandez and possibly (re-sign Raycroft or someone else) for next season then start handing the reins over to Enroth.

  3. A good plan...if Buffalo would go along with it. We'll see.

    I see the team going after a goalie in trade too, but during the offseason since the UFA market looks grim (especially if the Backstrom re-signing rumors are true).

    I bet the Avs make serious runs at Lehtonen from Atl, Harding from Minny (with the threat of an offer sheet as catalyst), and LeClaire from Clb. I just don't see them going after a long term prospect that's years out from making an impact, FG thinks his roster is pretty close.

    I actually happen to agree too, they've got the young 1-2 punch at center. The D needs some work, but the system has great depth and some pieces are there already in Foote, Hannan, and Liles. They've got solid top 6 wingers both young and old. I like the bottom 6 part of the roster save Arny and Tucker too.

    If FG can get good return for Leopold at the deadline, get a #1 goalie in the offseason, let Arny go and get a real 3rd line center, this team may actually be in decent shape as fast as next year.

  4. I agree with you, which is why I think FG could look towards someone a little closer to NHL ready. I don't think he'll go for LeClaire, who has had an awful season and is probably a flash in the fan.I thought about Lehtonenm, but he seems pretty fragile.

    Harding is a good choice, and maybe someone like Reagen out of the Boston system could make an impact as well.

    I just think the Avs have tried too many stop-gap solutions at goalie. They should go out and get a sure-fire prospect even if he's a bit green.

  5. Lehtonen's injury problems are a bit overblown imo. It's not like it's the same stuff all the time. I'd be thrilled if they gave up on him to us.

    LeClaire, yeah, he's risky. A Theodore style risk. I wouldn't do it unless the price was really sweet, but I was trying to predict what the Avs would actually do. they have a serious propensity towards gambles that don't cost much in subtracted players -- see Bruno, Turgeon, Brisbois, Tucker, and Theodore.

    You know my preference is snagging Harding though. I love the idea of subtracting from a division rival AND adding to our own roster.

  6. Yeah, the more I think about it and look into it, the more I like the idea of snagging Harding. In fact I think he's a better option than Enrith, but...

    ... I don't think it will be easy to pry him from the Wild. The Avs have very few assets the Wild would want, since they are stocked on the blueline, and I think the Wild would be reluctant to trade with a division rival. The onyl way to really go after Harding is through RFA, and I find the compensation to be a bit pricey.

  7. you don't have to get into that range where offer sheets get crazy.

    it's easy, offer him just below the max for a 2nd rounder for 2-3 years. that's like 2.7m this year, and probably higher this coming offseason. he's happy, it's more than he'd be making with the Wild as a backup, and he's not stuck behind Backstrom. Wild are screwed whether they match or not -- who wants to be spending 10m on your goalies if you match? If they don't they get a 2nd round pick for one of the best goalie prospects in the NHL. Ouch.

    Best part is, you don't even have to go through the stigma of an offer sheet. Go to them first, say "hey, we're desperate, we'd prefer to not screw you guys like this but we have no choice...unless you want to deal before the offer sheet..." Offer them Budaj and a 2nd, everyone wins.

    Only possible issue is getting Harding to sign the sheet. Organizational loyalty and all that crap. :)

  8. Where do you find the prices for compensation? I never know how much which contracts are worth