Les Ailes fans: trust fund kids of the NHL.

Any Les Ailes fan that complains about officiating, or some grand conspiracy theory against their team can just shut the hell up.

I'm 6 penalty calls into the Shark-Les Ailes game and this is just absurd. Les Ailes fans complaining about a bias against them is like trust fund kids complaining athat poor people get all the tax breaks.

And any Les Ailes fan that defends Cleary's hit on Thornton should be forced to go out and buy a Claude Lemieux sweater. They were pretty similar hits.

Update: That was Awful. Intentional capital "A". Sharks were just robbed of a goal. Wow. This may be one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen.


  1. I saw that goal called back too. Horrible call, IMO.

  2. Hmm, the calls ended up about even in that game and I didn't like the hit on Thornton but to compare it to the Lemieux hit is reaching a bit. Thankfully, Thornton was o.k. and played the rest of the game.

    I agree it was not a very well officiated game but the calls did come out about even. I did think it was a goal, even from the angle that Fox Sports Detroit was showing.