Les Ailes de Lappy? Part Deux!

Since posting this I have spent the better part of 3 hours banging my head against my desk. It has left me pretty severely concussed... which means I'm ready to take a look at this trade from a Les Ailes fan's point of view.

And even from this incredibly mentally deficient point of view it doesn't make any sense for Les Ailes to trade for Lappy. Sure it makes hockey sense, any lineup would be improved by the great banana noses presence.

But in order for Avs management to not be completely crucified by the fanbase, Les Ailes would have to vastly overpay for one of the hated rivals most popular players. This makes no sense for Les Ailes because:

1) They aren't in the habit of throwing prospects away for arental players
2) They aren't in the habit of overpaying for anyone.
3) Les Ailes fans aren't exactly keen on Lappy, who hurt Lidstrom's knee last season.

I mean the only possible way the Avs could get away with trading Lappy to Les Ailes is if they got Goalie prospects: Daniel Larsson, Thomas McCollum, or Jimmy Howard and at least a second round pick. That's the bare minimum the Avs can accept if they don't want a full scale revolt of their fanbase (which is ready to revolt anyways). If the Avs are indeed demanding this, why would Les Ailes do that deal?


  1. I really don't see this trade happening. They could be scouting him but I really don't think FG is that deaf to the fans.

  2. Jibbs, Philly just waived Metropolit. You think the Avs should pick him up? He couldn't be any worse than Arnie and has some good potential as a 3rd line center. Curious as to what your take on it is.

  3. He's got fewer points (on a better team) than Tyler Arnason. Thanks but no thanks.

  4. Hey, I love Lappy, but a goalie prospect and a 2nd round? No way that would happen.

  5. @ Delta:

    that's the point. That in order for management to keep fans happy the Wings would have to overpay for him so badly that there's no way they can even come close to making a deal for him.

  6. @ Jibble
    But while we as fans think that way, why would FG think that way? PL didn't think like a fan when he brought in Brad May. I think it's likey that your point will be considered by FG.

  7. @ Jibble
    Looks like Montreal went for Metropolit... Someone out there liked him.

  8. @ Delta:

    Because, especially in this economy, the Avs need to think about selling tickets. Trading one of your most popular players to the hated rivals will cost the Avs season tickets. And they (and every other team in the league) need to desperately make sure the fans stick around.

    So FG needs to either be able to say "See we just fleeced the Wings"or say "We kept a local favorite"

  9. @ Jibble
    I mis-typed above, I meant to say I think it's UN-likey that your point will be considered by FG. If FG thinks a third or fourth for Lappy will help this team win next year, I bet he does it. And realisticly that is about all we would get for Lappy. I just don't have any faith that FG is thinking this through the way you are presenting it. It would be nice, but I have my doubts.

  10. Jibble! You put a new background up!

    I like this much more, it's neutral and more homogeneous. :)