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One of the most popular hockey blogs on the interwebs is Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog. Earlier today The editor, The Big Wyshynski, was called out by everyone's favorite moron (whoops sorry, wrong picture... this one's correct), whose name shall never be mentioned on this site (and site never linked to). While we don't like the "anonymous" blogger, it's about time someone called out Wyshynski and his minions for fabricating stories. I too have other examples of his fabrication:

Just today Wyshynski made a post filled with boatloads of discrepencies and lies.

First up he posts this jersey:

And then follows it by saying, and I quote,:
This would be ... Anna Kournikova... a Wings.... former star... .
Give your readers a little credit and stop insulting their intelligence. A quick Hockey Reference search reveals Anna Kournikova never played in the NHL.

After this incredulous claim, he posts this picture:

And then has the audacity to write:
This is...Columbus Blue Jacket...Adam Foote...the BJs captain.
This is absurd. As you can clearly see this is Lake Erie Monsters defenseman Kyle Cumiskey making the trek from Cleveland to catch a Blue Jackets game.

But Wyshynski has no shame. None at all. Even after these two egregious falsities he goes on to claim that at
...yesterday's Pittsburgh Penguins/Washinton Capitals game...Sergei Federov...appeared...
Followed by this picture:

For god's sake Wysh, this jersey is misspelled, and Sergei Fedorov was on the ice. Crimeny, he had a goal in the game. This photo is undoubtedly Jaromir Jagr's poor attempt at sneaking his way back into the NHL.

I hate calling out a blog I enjoy, but clearly someone had to stand up to Wysh and his blatently erroneous "reporting". Let's hhope they can keep their falsities to a minimum from now on.

For those interested in what I'm actually mocking copy and paste the following URL:



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