Fannnntastic: I'm counting on a BJ tonight

Contributed by resident fantasy fanatic, Tilt'd Toledo

I hope I regret this. I really, really hope I do. I mean it's one thing to try to win a fantasy league, but to root against your team? I just can't do it. So I'm making the roster move, but I'm looking to be proven wrong. Dead wrong. I don't care if it drops my sixth place team out of the playoff picture, I just will not root for Columbus. Not tonight, anyway.
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So here is my confession. I recently added Dan LaCosta to my team. I'm banking on Mason being unable to restrain his urges and end up kissing some more pimply-faced twelve year old girls. Another stint on IR, and my LaCosta signing will make me look quite the genius. Either way, my league is deeper than a pie from Chicago's Pizzeria Uno, so LaCosta is worthy of the roster spot.

Now here's where the guilt comes into play. I have actually decided to bench Peter Budaj for tonight's matchup in favor of the ECHL transplant. I've read the fine print of my Jibblescribbits contract and I find no actual provision for my immediate termination, but I'm still worried about the backlash, so I just faxed a copy to my attorney for clarification. If I am correct and I am not in contravention of any moral conduct clauses, my decision will stand. If that makes me the biggest pariah since Sean Avery, I'll deal with that later.

Click to enlargeSo here is my thinking. If LaCosta sucks tonight (and we all know that he will), I can celebrate the Avs win like a normal person. If, however, Budaj drops the ball again, I will secure my tentative hold on the final playoff berth. I see it as a win-win. I'm sure you all may see it differently, but then at least I'd have something to write about tomorrow.

So wish me luck. All bad, of course. Except when it comes to my Tyler Arnason and Brett Clark.


  1. I have actually decided to bench Peter Budaj for tonight's matchup in favor of the ECHL transplant.

    That will be docked from your pay, and 20 lashings will commence

  2. That said... you do get credit for using a good BJ joke.

  3. Thank you sir, may I have another.

    Um, lashing, that is. Not a BJ.

    Though I suppose both requests could be described as, um, Stephane Richer-esque. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. Congrats on the savvy move. Truly today is a day of days...

  5. Thanks Mike, but then why do I feel so dirty?