Peter Forsberg's interview

Peter Forsberg spoke today with reporters in his home country of Sweden. It's all in Swedish, but I happen to be fluent* in Swedish so I have transcribed the interview below:

Dosh da footsie feelin da Ok Börk Börk Börk?

You know there was a little setback with the foot, but honestly I think it's going to be fine. I think the problem is that here in Sweden it's impossible for me to get some really good Crocs®. I think My foot will be fine once I get myself in to those comfortable, affordable, and stylish Crocs®

Whyda horda wanta playsa NHL Börk Börk börk?

Well I'll let you in on a little secret. Claude and I had a little bet, on which one would retire first. There's no way I'm letting that him win that bet. Are you kidding that little bastard did all this just to spite me. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to convince Valeri Kamensky to come back just to run it in my face

Whyda horda wanta playsa Avalanche de Börk Börk börk?

Well some people think I have a hero complex, and I laugh in their faces. Just because I walk, or in this case skate, on water and in doing so could bring that team back from the brink of disaster and lead them into the playoffs doesn't mean it's a complex. It's a complete coincidence that I have David Bowie's "Heros" stuck in my head... oh and that's my favorite show. That Hiro what a character.

Dank de ju dor yer time börk börk börk.

(Ed Note: added the actual punchline to one of the jokes. Grumble grumble. Fire the editor)