Do you have a life? NO!?! Apply within

I've been mulling this over for a few weeks, and I've finally decided that Yes, I would like to add another writer to this site. I don't know why, maybe it's because every once in a while I have to take a couple days off and I don't like seeing the site limp (that's what she said!), maybe it's because I'm lazy, maybe it's because I feel like I should have a sidekick.

In reality I think this site could benefit from a second voice and another point of view. I don't know who I'd add though, so I would like to open it up to all the people who read and follow the Avs. So this is your formal call to audition to contribute to Jibblescribbits: the website (not Jibblescribbits the person. I think that's illegal).

So if you would like a job that pays nothing, probably doesn't help you get anywhere else in life please send an audition to The writer I'm looking for Must:

1) Be an Avs fan. This is an Avs blog. Seems pretty simple.
--- A simmering pool of Dion Phaneuf loathing that festers in the sinister caverns of hatred deep within your soul which occasionally violently erupts like a geyser of animosity is desired but not required

2) Sense of Humor. I don't want a new writer to feel pressured into trying to be funny all the time, but an ability to be light-hearted and not take anything Avalanche too seriously is necessary. Basically, I don't want someone who takes the team, or themselves, too seriously.
--- BJ jokes when the Blue Jackets come to town are always welcome

3) Logic: Nothing annoys me more than someone making an argument and just saying "It's this way because I say it is." Just because you say it, doesn't make it true. Please back up points with analysis and/or relevant statistics. If you have a viewpoint you should be able to defend it.
--- The exception to this rule is the universal "Double-X rule", which states if you have two X-chromosomes nothing you say has to make one bit of logical sense, ever. I think this is even in the Ten Commandments somewhere.

4) Be willing to post I don't want to add a contributer who doesn't post. I'd expect at least one post a week, but a contributer would be encouraged to post more.

Okay so for the audition please write a ~500 word blog post and e-mail it to within the next week or so. I would like to pick a new contributer by Feb 1. This hypothetical post must:

a) Be about the Avs
b) Not be about Raycroft, Budaj, or goaltending. (Seriously this topic is done to death, by myself included)
c) be ≤ 550 words (a requirement I obviously wouldn't meet for myself. But we're not judging me here)

If selected here's what you would be able to expect from me:

α) Artistic Freedom. If you want to do game recaps... fine. If you want to rail against the man... also fine (within the context of the Avs).
--- Seriously the only rules would be no cussing in post titles, and keep things Safe for Work, keep things mainly about the Avs and nothing absurdly inappropriate. I'd also ask that most posts stay on the stuff on the ice and not criticize media too much. This is an Avs blog, not a media blog.

ß) Anonymity If Rick Sadowski wants to create a pseudonym so he can finally rail against that Ginger-headed trouble-maker over at the Denver Post without fear of losing his day job, he can be my guest. I'll never even ask him for his own identity, and it will never be revealed here by me.

σ) Administration I will still handle all the technical concerns (you know the whimsy page redesigns, etc) every once in a while. All you have to do is show up and type. I think many don't do the "blog" thing because they are worried about keeping the site running. You don't have to worry about that at all, I'll still cover all that "work".


  1. BJ jokes when talking Columbus = always funny.

  2. You can't have enough "BJ" and "sucks" in one post. I might apply for that reason alone. ;o)

  3. Why don't you join the MHH community anyways? I think they could really use you and Shane on board there. no harm intended towards DD, Mike or Joe.

  4. @ Tom:

    I participate heavily in the comments there, besides they have plenty of quality posts going up (2-3 a day) and any more would start to push good stuff off the page too soon.

    I also think the Avs community needs more good writing spread across separate sites, instead of consolidated all in one spot.

  5. @ Jibbles,

    I know you do. I also post there, under the name Tommelot.

    And I also agree with the whole "having the entire comminuty on 1 site makes it look like a dictatorship" issue, but I honestly feel you could add to that site and get more recognition than by using this blogspot.

  6. You should talk to Dario and see if he's interested in the gig. He was Robin to DD's Batman over at ITCS for a while. He has firewall issues at MHH or he'd be a more regular contributor there.

  7. I'd just like to point out that I'm not sure there's another person on the planet who will go through all the work to make up their own statistical analysis... just for fun...

    But good luck finding a writer. Sorry - I'm a girl, and a sister, so I'm pretty sure I'm basically out of the running already...