The Burgundy and Frostbite Blue and more Avs notes

That's right folks. With 43% of the margin Frostbite Blue was selected as the official name of the Avs blue. I ended up voting for this one as well. Yeti blue and Steel blue stole some votes as well.

So there you go, The Avs shall now be referred to as Burgundy and Frostbite Blue. No longer shall some mater beater be able to fill his lunatic base with delusions that the Avs are in some way connected with the elitist "Royal" blue, but a more appropriate shade.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

(I was going to get this post out Tuesday, but a work trip to Dallas that ended up leaving me with little access to the internet kept me away.)


  1. I won! I won!

    First I sold my house last night and now this? Things are looking up. :)

  2. You were able to sell your house? In Saskatchewan!?! Impressive in this economy.

  3. It took a loooong time and a lot of price dropping. But we still got a decent price so I'm happy.

  4. Frostbite blue? Meh... I guess I must have missed the reason we need to qualify the color. I like "Burgandy and Blue". Clean and simple.