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Ok I've gathered up the votes and narrowed down a list of "types of blue"so we can call the Avs the proper shade of blue. The good news is that it looks like we get to name it, because it is called Pantomine 647 (RGB: 17-86-139) (based on a reader comment. Thanks Michael) so let's rename it so it doesn't sound like a member of the Borg collective (Star Trek Jokes are always cool!)

I thought of one to add to the list, here's my reasoning.

The Avs' bluse, to me, looks to be a cross between the blue in Sweden's flag, and Royal Blue. So Royal Swedeish blue makes sense, but sounds kinda dumb. The symbol for Sweden's royal family is 3 crowns. My entry is Three Crown Blue. before getting the official list, let's look at some that didn't make the voting cut:

• Budaj Blue (submitted by Mirtle): I like it, but it can't be tied to any one Avs (especially one a bunch of fans want to run out of town for no apparent reason).
• Unipron Blue (submitted by DD): I like the blue the avs use, and I can't in good conscious attack it to something so ugly. I only with The Avalanche organization had this wherewithal.
• Regal blue (Submitted by Shane): Too close to Royal Blue (Also nixing Lazy Blue and purple.)
•Wal-Mart blue (Dean): It'll be a peaceful day in Detroit before I call it this.

Ok now onto the 5 options (vote on the sidebar to the left):
Update: sorry about the black writing on Burgundy background in the poll. I don't really know how to fix it easily.

• Three Crown Blue (submitted by me): Explination above

• Copenhagen Blue (Submitted by Jorie): I don't know why, but I like it. Copenhagen uses no blue in any official way, and the Denmark flag is Red/White. But it's kind of like Sweden blue, but darker.

• Frostbite Blue (Submitted by Shane): Ties to both "Avalanche" without sounding too corny.

• Yeti Blue (Also by Shane): Oh Howler how we miss you, but at least we still have your lucky Yeti foot.

• Steel Blue (SSUR.org via DD)

That's a pretty strong list if you ask me. We'll go with a weeklong vote, select a color and Demand that Dater, and everyone else use either the generic "Blue" or this selected color. No more Royal!


I'm a couple days late on this, but TJ Hensick demonstrated the difference between the AHL and NHL a couple nights ago against Minnesota. David Jones put pressure to the right of Backstrom and the puck went behind the net. Hensick grabbed the puck, and Chris Stewert went straight to the front of the now wide open net. All Hensick had to do was flip it to him. Instead he took an extra 1/2 second to make a pass and when Stewert finally received the pass it was too late. Backstrom was able to get back for a beautiful save (and a defender was able to get to Stewert who had to force a shot into a bad spot.)

TJ: that hesitation is the difference between NHL and AHL. You gotta make that pass sooner if you want to stick in this league. Right now you're not cutting it.


Wolski looks like quite the different player in the center right? He's been a beast centering Smyth and Hejduk the last few games. I know it's a small sample size, but it's a very very promising start.

Topics that are more relevent to the Avs success or failure right now than the goalies:

• Coaching
• TJ Hensick playing abysmally
• poor offseason moves that left this team with no secondary scoring in case of injuries.
• Darcy Tucker
• Tjarnqvist playing pretty well.
• Chris Stewert's pretty decent play.
• The Avs atrocious 1st period last night.
• The 4 posts Nashville hit last night
• A GM who seems content rationalizing away the Avs poor season
• Ben Guite's sickness
• Laperriere being dinged up
• Marek Svatos's delightful impression of Peter Budaj's laugh.
• The shade of blue in the Avs color scheme
• Ryan Smyth's mullet.
• The Avs color scheme
• Scott Hannan's resemblance to Merry from the Lord of the Rings movies

I am absolutely done talking about the goalies on this club for a while. The entire argument is fairly absurd. Raycroft, Budaj? Whatever. That is not where the problems on the Avs are and by continually talking about it after every single god damned game means that we are ignoring the actual problems with this team. Yes Raycroft should get more starts because he's been playing fine. Budaj has been playing fine too. It shouldn't even be an issue because Avs fans should be happy that the goalies are playing fine, albeit a little inconsistent. The fact we have to talk about it after every game is completely absurd. There are more, and much much bigger, problems on this team than who's between the pipes. Until the goaltending becomes a real problem let's not talk about it at all.



  1. Stay away from my blog tonight. I basically take the entire last paragraph and spit on it. No harm intended, trust me.

  2. Oh, and I'm going with Frostbite Blue. I don't think the color should take a lot of explanation and if I go up to somebody and say: "I want Avalanche colors on my birthday cake - Burgandy, white, and Three Crown Blue" then they'll have no idea.

    But if I say Frostbite Blue, well, everyone can figure out what frostbite looks like...right?

  3. I would think Coppenhagen Blue comes from the Dutch pottery, Delftware (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delftware) which is characterized by it's blue on white coloration. Perhaps using the term for that pottery's color, Delft Blue, could be another option.

  4. grrrr...I hate it when I make typos: "...which is characterized by its blue..."

  5. @ Beach-N-Snowgirl...

    I'll file that in Information that would have been nice... YESTERDAY ;)

  6. Dario Blue sounds too sad, and angry

  7. @ Jibble

    Yeah, but you didn't ASK me yesterday (er, Tuesday)! ; -)

    Oh and before anyone corrects my geography about Copenhagen being in Denmark, not Holland, I do realize that. However, Delftware is popular in both places. So there. =p

  8. @ Beach N Snowgirl:

    What about in the Netherlands?

  9. @ Jibble

    Yup, there too..as that's where they originated.

  10. Frostbite is either white or black. I go with Yeti

  11. What about "Colorado Blue"? It references the cold, dry, clear days we have over 300 of every year. I actually use that term quite a bit, such as when talking to family back east and it's a rare clear day in Vermont, my Mom will inevitably say "it's a 'Colorado Blue' day here..."