Suspending pests

After the Nashville game on Friday I thought Jordan Tootoo should be suspended for his hit on Daniel Tjarqvist. I don't think it was a dirty hit, but I thought it was a dangerous hit. Sometimes pests, who try to hit as much as possible in a effort to agitate, don't let up at the right time and end up dangerously hitting someone. I don't think it's always "dirty" as in they aren't trying to hurt someone, but I think it's dangerous. Suspensions for those dangerous hits would go a long ways into players not trying hit someone in a prone position.

That being said if I think Tootoo deserves a 1-game suspension, and I do, then Cody McLeod does too. I don't think his hit on Bieksa was dirty last night, but I think it was dangerous.


  1. 1) Didn't see the hit you are referring to, but other than obvious intentional head shots we generally don't like to see 'hitting' outlawed.

  2. Guy falling down and he drives him into the boards in the back.