In 6 weeks marks the beginning of the end

Joe Sakic is out for 6 weeks with a herniated disc in his back. (H/T - MHH via Denver Post).

This summer he took a long time to decide to come back (no pun intended) to the Avs, and most of that was due to the hernia he suffered last season. I can't imagine going through another season suffering through injuries is going to appeal to him in the summer, and I would expect the Ava will, for the first time in Colorado, be matching the captains "C" with a number other than 19.

It seems fitting on a day when all eyes are focused on the biggest ass in the NHL that Joe's probably hockey knockout blow would slip under the radar. And while it isn't a death sentence, I certainly suspect Joe will get up off the mat, finish out the season with grace and class, and throw in the towel.

So fans should make plans to get to the arena, after the all-star break of course, to go see one of the all-time greats one more time before he hangs them up for good. The farewell tour is beginning and as sad as it makes us there's really little alternative, so let's embrace it.

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  1. I fear you are correct... Out with the old Av's team, and roll in with the new...

    I <3 super-joe