Highlights from last night

Some highlights from a suspiciously gloriously quiet Les Ailes blog today:

I refuse to watch another Wings game until the 1st of the year. I’m not putting effort into watching them if they won’t put effort into playing.

I am just tired of the Wings thinking they can turn it on in the third period and get away with a win. The goaltending has to be better. The defense has to be better. I know last year we whined about the lack of a 60 minute effort. I would take the efforts we got last year over the efforts we are getting this year.
And Lebda just needs to be traded. That was a Pylon-like screw up. Lebda just officially joined the very special place I have in my heart that only Lilja occupies.
(This one was added for the sheer lunacy of it. It was stick his hand on the puck or let it go in the net. He obviously made the right choice. It just worked out so gloriously. )...
Did they save too much for Thursday’s game?
Seems like half of the team has been mailing it in so often that they
must qualify for bulk rates.
I’d tell this lazy ass team I don’t want to see’em at the rink til the next game. Take your half ass efforts and text it in. Ya dont work a full game as a team you don’t deserve to practice as a team either. YOu want to practice? Go find a pond or a backyard rink.
Good luck Thursday girls
Well. Beaten by the Dive.

I for one am looking forward to a restful Christmas away from my television and away from this team.

And of course, my favorite because it highlights every Les Ailes fan's instinctual reaction to adversity:
Something will be set on fire. Very soon.
Yes! Yes! Oh let me taste the tears. The tears are so yummy and sweet. Oh the tears of unfathomable sadness. Yummmy Yummy.

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