Closing up shop

Sorry folks nothing more to see here. See it was a nice run, but I just got a brand new Xbox 360, with NHL '09 and a brand new Sakic ''04 Western Conference all-star jersey (quite possibly the greatest sweater ever made), meaning I might just spend the next year or so sitting ion my couch playing NHL.09.

UPDATE: ALL glory to Tapeleg for the jersey pic)

(strangely enough, mine doesn't have the Avs logo on the left shoulder. Weird. Not a complaint though I think this particular sweater looks better without it)
So sorry folks you just can't compete with Xbox. If it makes you feel any better I told the Jibblewife the same thing. She's trying to punish me by making me sleep on the couch, but the jokes on her. That just makes the Xbox more accessible. Now my days can be exactly like this:

(this is where a clip of the scene in Mallrats of Brodie waking and playing as The Whale on his Sega Genesis should be. I could not spend anymore that 5 minutes searching for it on Youtube without realizing that searching is keeping me from the actually appreciate it. I could find the script though so here's the dialogue:)

What the hell are you doing ?

Finishing my game.

No, no, no. You promised me breakfast.

Breakfast ? Breakfast, schmrekfest. Look at the score.

I'm only in the middle

Of the second

And I'm winning 12 to 2.

Breakfasts come and go, rene. Jibblewife

Now, hartford, the whale ?

Hey, they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

Merry Christmas all!


  1. Um... A little photo credit please?

    Merry christmas.

  2. Thanks. I'm not about to believe you are "done." See you after the holidays.

  3. Awesome Mallrats reference, one of my favorite movies ever. If you get Xbox Live, let's play NHL09 on there sometime.