Acceptable collateral damage

The Avs lost last night. They lost the tail end of a back-to-back road game against the hottest team in the league the night after beating the second best team in the league, who also happens to be their hated rivals.

They didn't show a lack of effort, they didn't look disinterested. They looked tired and were a step slow all night. They were slow to tie up Knuble on the PP goal. They were slow to get to loose pucks. Their passes were slow. All the result of a tired team. They didn't give up and they didn't stop trying. They just looked tired.

This was an acceptable loss. One of those ones that should be filed in the "every team has a bad game" drawer and forgotten about. If they play poorly against Tampa on Thursday, pick away, but let's not make more out of a loss than needs to be. Yes the Avs have had too many bad games this season, but this one wasn't characterized like some of their other bad games. There was no 40 minute effort. There was no mind-numbingly inexplicable lack of cohesion. The frustrating aspects of this club were not present last night (other than the continuing adventure that has become clearing the puck from their own zone).

I have never seen a team picked apart after every loss the way this Avs team is picked apart. When did I start cheering for the Leafs?

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